Pichu’s World Oekaki Pokémon League (or PWOPL for short) is a roleplaying group that allows its members to go on a simulated adventure through the Pokémon world! Create your own trainer character, catch your favourite Pokémon, collect badges, and make friends as you travel together through the regions featured in the main-series games. You’ll enjoy honing your artistic skills and playing with a community of like-minded Pokemon fans.

If you are interested in joining, please see the About the League and Rules and Guidelines pages.

Enjoy your Pokétastic adventure!

~ Pinkie, on behalf of the PWOPL team and staff


Want to contribute?

Any member of PWOPL is welcome to make constructive suggestions on how to improve this blog. This wiki is to function as a collection of information on the League in general. Pages for specific player characters are not allowed; please include information on them in your profile on the board. If you are interested in creating a new page, please speak to Prof. Samuel Oak via o-mail on the League board.