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Comments Hey anyone who might remember me, my old account was Eevee_Lover15!
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*Proud Member Since 2007*

Unfortunately after being gone for so long (partly my laziness and my computer broke for a couple months) my account was deleted so I made this one.

---------PWOPL INFO-------------------
.: Current Outfit :.
Melody's Winter Sinnoh Outfit

.: Old Outfits :.
Melody's Winter Outfit
Melody's Cruise Outfit
Melody's Spring Outfit
Melody's Victory Road Outfit
Melody's Halloween Costume
Melody's Festival Shamouti Outfit
Melody's Dress Outfit

Trainer: Melody Chiau
Birthday: May 3rd
Gender: Female
Age: 19 or 20
Height: 5'1"
Best Friend: Akeesha Hernandez

Bio: Melody is rather short for her age. Her build is small but sturdy and proportioned. She doesn’t have an athletic build nor is she ridiculously thin like a plank but just in general has a tiny body. Appearance-wise, she has very fair skin, but it does get some color to it from all her travels. Ethnically, her deceased father did have some mix of Chinese and Korean, but she resembles her mother more strongly who was of European descent. Her natural hair color is deep, reddish-brown auburn, paired with lighter brown eyes (much lighter than her Dad's.) Her hair has quite a bit of wave/curl to it, but the texture is not extremely coarse nor too thick. (She does have a lot of hair on her head though!)

Backstory: Melody grew up in Pallet Town with her mother and younger brother. She never lived directly in the heart of the town. Her home was more on the outskirts toward a nearby forest. For being such a small town though, everything was in walk distance. While living there, they had their own personal berry farm when she would help her mom with picking of berries, housework, and she even learned how to make homemade Pokémon food and poffins. Since then, she's always had an interest in baking (especially taking her friends to bakeries to eat the delicious foods.) When she was 11 years old, she found a stray pichu nearby her home who she quickly welcomed in with big arms. Melody's family practically knew all the stray or wild Pokémon in the nearby vicinity; they commonly would visit the farm and stop to play or be rewarded with delicious berries if they gave a hand. Rarely did her family meet an unfriendly Pokémon. This Pichu was the first time Melody had seen her before, but she soon took her to her side and named her Mini. They would often go on little adventures together, exploring the surroundings nearby the home. Melody enjoyed looking at the water at the front of the town very often. As time grew by, she found herself and Mini were inseparable. When she turned 14, she received her starter Pokémon, Mudkip, and began her journey. This may have been the very beginning of her journey, but many years have passed since and she continues to have many adventures, exploring and making new friends!

Personality: Melody can be generally very friendly and nice, but the first time someone meets her, she might act a little shy. She isn't quite the type to jump straight into the center of a social outing, but she doesn't necessarily act reclusive and impersonal. When thinking of the word “grace” and “Melody,” we can all laugh until we fall out of our seats. She can carry herself pretty well, but she does have her awkwardly clumsy moments. From time to time she'll make a mistake or do something silly, but she knows its okay to laugh at herself. Generally, she is a very cheerful and optimistic person. Good-hearted. Melody likes to avoid or resolve conflict, if possible, but she isn't completely afraid to stand up in what she believes in. She likes to have fun with her friends and Pokémon, and isn't afraid to try something new; however, if it's something she really likes, she'll probably stick with it. Melody also has a very strong passion for music and a beautiful singing voice, but no one has heard it except for her mom and her Pokémon..

She loves Pokémon with all her heart; they inspire to go on her journey to see plenty of new Pokémon.

> Level 50 DRIFBLIM----------(f) - Ghost/Flying - Melon
> Level 49 STARAPTOR-------(m) - Normal/Flying - Nuke {given by Jay}
> Level 49 SWAMPERT*-------(m) - Water/Ground - Tiko (tee-koh)
> Level 47 MANTYKE----------(m) - Water/Flying - Camillo (cah-mee-yo)
> Level 47 ARCHEOPS---------(f) - Rock/Flying - Sora
> Level 46 GROWLITHE-------(m) - Fire - Ember
> Level 32 NATU---------------(f) - Psychic/Flying - Sissy
> Level 32 BEAUTIFLY---------(f) - Bug/Flying - Selena {given by Sepia}
> Level 31 PIKACHU**---------(f) - Electric - Mini
> Level 28 CYNDAQUIL--------(m) - Fire - Toby
> Level 28 LILIGANT*----------(f) - Grass - Lulu
> LEvel 27 GOLDEEN---------- (?) - Water - ??? {given by Goliath}
> Level 26 UMBREON**-------(f) - Dark - Pumpkin {given by Akeesha}
> Level 24 SPHEAL------------(f) - Ice/Water - Rhonda
> Level 23 CROCONAW-------(m) - Water - Tide
> Level 22 BUNEARY*---------(f) - Normal - BunBun
> Level 20 FEEBAS**----------(?) - Water {given by Lataria}
> Level 15 CHARMANDER-----(f) - Fire - Casey
> Level 12 NIDORAN----------(f) - Normal - Saphira
> Level 11 PORYGON----------(?) - Normal - Origami
> Level 10 ILLUMISE---------- (?) - BUG - ??? {given by Goliath}
> Level 10 CATERPIE----------(m) - Bug - Pandy {given by Fio}
> Level 10 EEVEE--------------(f) - Normal - Jasmine (holding an Ever Stone)
> Level 10 EEVEE--------------- (?) - Normal - ??? {given by Santa Oak}
> Level 08 AZUMARILL--------(f) - Water/Fairy - Blueberry {traded with Akeesha}
> Level 08 SMEARGLE--------(m) - Normal - Butternut Squash (Butters) {given by Akeesha}
> Level 08 POOCHYENA**---(m) - Dark - Asche {given by Euphie}
> Level 06 CLEFFA------------(m) - Fairy -Amante
> Level 06 MAREEP*----------(m) - Electric - Mianyang {traded with Akeesha }
> Level 05 SNUBBULL--------(f) - Fairy - Heiress
> Level 05 EEVEE**---------(m) - Normal - ??? {given by Santa Oak}
> Level 05 PONYTA**--------(f) - Fire - Bellatrix {given by Bailey}(Star-Shaped Horseshoe Ref)
> Level 05 GLAMEOW------ (?) - Normal - ??? {given by White}
> Level 05 DEERLING-------- (?) - Grass/Normal - ??? {given by White}
> Level 05 PURRLOIN---------- (?) - Dark - ??? {given by White}
> Level 05 CHESPIN----------(m) - Grass - Pack
> Level 05 SUNKERN---------(m) - Grass - June {given by Akeesha}
> Level 05 PAWNIARD------- (m) - Dark/Steel - ???
> Level 05 TAUROS------------ (?) - Normal - ??? {given by Goliath}
> Level 04 DITTO*------------(?) - Normal - Squishy
> Level 01 SPOINK-----------(m) - Psychic -Spiringi
> Level 01 VULPIX------------(f) - Fire - Hanabi (Hana)
> Level 01 DRATINI----------(m) - Dragon - ???
> Level 01 WHISMUR---------(f) - Normal - Echo
> Level 01 BUDEW----------- (?) - Grass/Poison - ??? {given by Goliath}
> Level 01 CUBCHOO---------(m) - Ice - Ellie {traded with Akeesha}
> Level 01 SKITTY**----------(f) - Normal - Loli {given by Tansy}
> Level 01 SPRITZEE**-------(f) - Fairy - Samanthera {prize from PHG}
> Level 01 TOGEPI**---------(m) - Fairy - Cincinnati - {given by Akeesha and Noir}

* - Starting Pokemon
* - PHG Competitor
** - Gift/Special Occassion


Badge Case:
Boulder Badge (Brock)
Cascade Badge (Misty)
Thunder Badge (Lt. Surge)
Rainbow Badge (Erika)
Marsh Badge (Sabrina)
Soul Badge (Koga)
Volcano Badge (Blaine)
Earth Badge (Giovanni)

Zephyr Badge (Falkner)
Hive Badge (Bugsy)
Plain Badge (Whitney)

Stone Badge (Roxanne)
Knuckle Badge (Brawly)

Stat Items:
[x010] Antidote
[x000] Baby Rare Candy
[x003] Berry Seeds
[x004] Black Feathers
[x006] Blue Feather
[x001] Dusk Stone
[x036] Colorful Leaves
[x099] Event Tokens
[x012] Feathers (any kind)
[x001] Ever Stone (Currently Used)
[x001] Fire Stone
[x000] Gift Tickets
[x005] Green Feather
[x001] Magmarizer
[x001] Moon Stone
[x003] Pinkan Berry
[x001] Pinkan Juice Bottle
[x020] Potion
[x236] Rare Candy
[x007] Red Feathers
[x021] Revive
[x001] Shiny Potion
[x001] Water Stone
[x001] Weak Bait
[x004] White Feathers
[x007] Event Token/Colorful Leaf/Feathers (Any Kind) - Undecided
[x007] Event Token/Rare Candy/Feathers (Any Kind) - Undecided

[x14] Pokeball
[x05] Greatball
[x05] Ultraball

Key Items:
>Bug Catching Net
>Old Rod
>Good Rod {given by Fio}
>Super Rod
>Handmade Outfit {given by Tansy}
>Watering Can

In Day Care (breeding):
None Currently

More content!

Completed Parts of Wishlist:
More content!



-Big Spender- 50G
Use more items than any other PHG competitor.

-Razzle Dazzle Em- 50G
Earn more points in evening challenges than any other PHG competitor.

-Globe Trotter- 50G
Travel more turns than any other PHG competitor.

-Let's Be Friends- 10G
Successfully form a truce with another Pokemon in the PHG.

-Double Trouble- 20G
Successfully defeat an opponent using a team attack in the PHG.

-Stuck to You Like Glue- 30G
Be in a truce that lasts for more consecutive turns than any other in the Hunger Games.

-Survivor- 50G
Place in the top 5 in the Pokemon Hunger Games.


-Razzle Dazzle 'Em- 50G
Earn more points in evening challenges than any other PHG competitor.

-Globe Trotter- 50G
Travel more turns than any other PHG competitor.

-Let's Be Friends!- 10G
Successfully form a truce with another Pokemon in the PHG.

-Double Trouble- 20G
Successfully defeat an opponent using a team attack in the PHG.

-Stuck to You Like Glue- 30G
Be in a truce that lasts for more consecutive turns than others in the Hunger Games.

-True Pacifist- 50G
Make it to the PHG finals without having attacked any other tributes.

-Survivor- 50G
Place in the top 5 in the Pokemon Hunger Games.

(She loves her post monster so much that later she feeds post monster treats and stuff <3)
(i love amy! how i get on here? IDK DON'T ASK HURHUR)
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