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Comments Avatar art drawn by AddieMac!

Hello! Welcome to my profile. I'm Pikanyaa, resident admin and queen of commenting! I'm a professional atmospheric/climate scientist and programmer, super-INFJ, and enjoy creative writing as much as drawing.

If you're wondering where my name came from, here's Azumanga Daioh's translator notes entry for Pikanyaa-
This is Osaka's(character) mangled version of 'Yamapikaryaa', because 'nyaa' is a sound cats make.

And Yamapikaryaa-
This is a local name for the Iriomote cat. 'Yama' means 'mountain' and 'pika' is an onomatopoeia for something that flashes, so the name represents something that shines in the mountains.

An endangered species of wild cat that lives only on the Iriomote Island in Japan. Iriomote Island is a part of Okinawa prefecture. There is thought to be only about 100 individuals left in the wild.

Case in point- Osaka is my hero. And I love cats. (But I love otters more. <3)

= = =

Trainer name: Lataria Ciela Nacrius ( Sinnoh ref | Hoenn ref | Johto ref)
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hometown: Fortree City, Hoenn region (ages 0-10); New Bark Town, Johto region (ages 10-17); roaming trainer (ages 17-current)
Personality: Friendly, formerly somewhat childish due to the lack of interaction with other teens she faced in New Bark Town. She started her Pokemon journey in order to see the world and grow up into the adult she's expected to be. After a personally perilous and emotional journey through Hoenn with a man who went from adversary to close partner, Lataria now travels wherever the wind takes her, seeking out lonely people and Pokemon in need of compassion.
Likes: Cold weather, singing, the color blue, meeting new people
Dislikes: Hot weather, water (can't swim), Team Aqua

Pikachu (Pikanyaa (pee-kah-nyah), f): Lvl 58 (fainted) ( Pikachu ref | Pichu ref )
Outgoing and adventurous, wants to start a Pokemon exploration team. Is best friends with Chikari.

Kricketune (Cello (cheh-low), m): lvl 58 ( ref )
Loves playing music and inspiring others with his calming tunes.

Samurott (Nyac (nye-ack), f): Lvl 57 ( Samurott ref | Dewott ref | Oshawott ref )
An innocent & pretty Pokemon. Tends to be shy unless she's with Milo, but is working hard to become independently stronger.

Cryogonal (Sublima): Lvl 57
Scares everyone with its looks, but is surprisingly a scaredy cat itself. No Pokemon wants to be near it because of its ugliness, but Lataria thinks it's beautiful.

Altaria (Cirrus, f): Lvl 56 ( Swablu ref )
Has been with Lataria her whole life and is her best friend. Acts as a leader and is friendly, but also short-tempered and a bit bossy.

Swoobat (Samson, m): Lvl 56
Has very acute senses and likes to act as a scout for the team.

Dragonair (Musashi, f): Lvl 54 ( ref )
Very elegant and curious, tends to be quiet and not interact much with the other Pokemon.

Floatzel (Milo (my-low), m): Lvl 38 ( Floatzel ref | Buizel ref )
A courteous Pokemon, loves Nyac more that anything in the world.

Vibrava (Virga, f): Lvl 37
Acts cool though somewhat snobby, and generally keeps to herself.

Castform (Cantore (kan-tor-ee), m): Lvl 33 ( ref )
A somewhat mischievous Pokemon that used to pick on the whole team but now only teases Cirrus. Is very loyal to people that show him love. Previously owned by Professor Elm.

Ninetales (Marcella, f): Lvl 29 (SHINY)
A gorgeous, mature young canine with a slight superiority complex. She has no patience for childish behavior but will be respectful to those who are well-behaved.

Liepard (Melon, f): Lvl 29 ( Purrloin ref )
Likes to pickpocket food off other Pokemon and be generally annoying but cute. Nyac hates her due to a nasty encounter with a Liepard pack when Nyac was young.

Kecleon (Sanjuan, m): Lvl 28
A Kecleon Lataria had a few runs with in Fortree City when she was a kid then rediscovered when she returned. He wears a straw cloak and hat to hide the burn scars covering most of his body, and Cello has begun teaching him how to play the guitar to relax.

Heatmor (Buddy, m): Lvl 26
An innocent, affectionate runt, though not spazzy like Tamanty. Cantore has taken him under his wing as an apprentice prankster.

Mantyke (Tamanty, m): Lvl 19 (Waa) (everstone) ( ref )
An overly affectionate spazz who shows his love by glomping others in the face.

Chikorita (Chikari, f): Lvl 15 (everstone) ( ref )
Pikanyaa's best friend, tends to be less enthusiastic about exploring and would rather lye in the sun all day.

Starly (Yukari, f): Lvl 14 (everstone)
Coodoodustarlee! (Were you expecting a personality trait?)

Meditite (Cyril, m): Lvl 17
A loyal and dedicated fighter. After despising him at first over past experience, Lataria reconciled with him and commended him for his strong heart and compassion. Named after Cyril "Nimbus" Nimbiosa, Lataria's former very close other from Team Aqua.

Pichu (Pippy, f): Lvl 14 (everstone)
Hyper and spazzy, she loves giving surprise hugs to people. She thinks she's a fairy and wears a pair of costume wings in her back and a pink bow on her ear. She also thinks she can fly. (She can't.)

Tropius (Frutree (froo-tree), m): Lvl 14 ( ref )
A calm-mannered Pokemon who likes to play with children and younger Pokemon. Also acts as Lataria's transport Pokemon.

Treecko (Nam, m): Lvl 14 (everstone)
Constantly anxious and jittery. Acts as a weather patrol for the team, but his forecasts, often for "FEET OF RAIN!", are usually wrong.

Piplup (Juneau (joo-noh), m): Lvl 14
An aspiring musician who plays music with various bells and is studying under Cello.

Buizel (Kipnuk, f): Lvl 13 (PINKAN) (everstone)
A gift from Santa, Nyac and Milo have whole-heartedly taken her in as their child. She has a very go-getter attitude and an insatiable curiosity. Therefore, she loves to explore and has a knack for stumbling into trouble.

Happa (Churkurry, f): Lvl 13
[An excerpt written in Pikachuan chicken scratch reads, "Not much is known about this blob, but it freaks Chikari out so I like it! xD I think I'll name it after her just for fun."]

Bunnelby (Maiko, m): Lvl 6 (everstone)
A formerly abused and malnourished Pokemon, he has a surprisingly sweet and sensitive side but is very easily frightened. Melon likes to terrorize him because she's just that awful.

Oricorio (??, f): Lvl 5
-no flavor text currently-

Bergmite (??): Lvl 3
-no flavor text currently-

Hoppip [Prohto form] (Tabby Slime): Lvl 5
-no flavor text currently-

In Day Care (breeding):
No one currently. If you'd like to breed Pokemon, send me an o-mail!


Helioptile (JuJu, m): Lvl 16
A spunky young newt who seems made for adventure; he endures harsh weather & constant travel very well & is always scouting around. Seems like he was formerly owned by someone given his well-trained behavior & ease around other people, but there are no indications of who that might be...

Numel (Mel, f): Lvl 16
The perfect camping companion, Mel is leveled-headed and also tries to make sure her human doesn't get himself into too much trouble.

Lvl 11 Volbeat
Lvl 10 Wurmple
Lvl 10 Pinsir
Lvl 6 Panpour
Lvl 1 Spoink
Lvl 10 Heracross
Lvl 10 Nincada
Lvl 1 Aipom
Lvl 20 Dratini
Lvl 1 Chimchar
Lvl 100 Magikarp
Lvl 1 Abra
Lvl 1 Mareep
Lvl 1 Emolga
Lvl 60 Snorlax w/ Snorline (x2)
Lvl 40 Milcery (SHINY) w/ Alcremieline
Lvl 50 Toxtricity w/ Toxtricitine
Lvl 50 Eevee w/ Eevine (x2)
If you'd like any of these Pokemon, please let me know! Otherwise, they'll just be sitting here until I make an up-for-giveaway post.

Buizel Thank you Nema! (traded from Red)
Pikachu (or Pichu) Thank you Breeder! (hatched)
Chikorita Thank you Oak! (gift)
Tropius Thank you Oak! (Christmas gift)
Heatmor Thank you anonymous trainer! (Christmas gift)
Cryogonal Thank you Nema! (traded from Umlaut)
Mantyke Thank you Pandah! (and Ruripanda)
Dratini Thank you Kamun! (traded from Kamun)
Starly Thank you anonymous trainer! (Christmas gift)
Purrloin Thank you anonymous trainer! (Christmas gift)
Woobat Thank you anonymous trainer! (Christmas gift)
Kricketot (or Kricketune) Thank you Kelsuh! (traded from Kelsuh)
Bergmite Thank you MPD & Exopone! (Christmas gift from breeding)
- - -

Stuff I use/is on reserve:
88560 poke
24 Ultra Balls
1 Poke Ball
94 Potions (Thank you Princeton!)
1 lvl-1 Pokemon voucher
37 Colorful Leaves
41 shards of various colors
2 Red Feathers
14 Green Feathers
6 Blue Feathers
16 Black Feather
4 White Feathers
9 feathers of undetermined color
2 Shiny Potions
1 Egg
1 Fossilized Egg
1 Odd Egg

Stuff I don't want/need (feel free to ask!):
204 Rare Candies
1 Everstone
1 Razor Fang
3 Oval Stones
1 Protector
1 Magmarizer
2 King's Rocks
1 Heart Stone
1 Dubious Disk
1 Whipped Dream
2 Luck Incenses
2 Rose Incenses
1 Sea Incense
1 Pure Incense
1 Odd Incense
1 Lax Incense
1 Fungal Incense
2 Vice Incenses
1 Kangaskhanite
1 Pinsirite
44 Event Tokens
2 exchange items (will decide on later)
34 Berries
5 Pokepuffs
1 Fancy Pokepuff
1 Honey
1 Strawberry Sweet
3 Love Tickets
1 Thunderstone

Everything listed in "Stuff I don't want" up for giveaway. If you want something, just send me an o-mail and we'll talk about an exchange!

Key items:
Super Rod
Old Rod
Bug Net
Trainer Tower Card (10 points)
Key Stone (embedded in necklace)
Incubator (x2) (one with egg)
Pikachu Gigantimax stone
4 doll points
Nerve gear (Current Pokken rank: B)

Plush collection (by Malus)
▸Mewtwo Plush (cyan)
▸Castform Plushes (normal) (sunny) (rainy) (snowy) (Cantore)
▸Starly Plushes (male) (female) (beret stealer)
▸Samurott Plushes (normal) (Nyac)
▸Heatmor Plush (normal)
▸Aviator Pikachu Plush
▸Spiky-eared Pichu Plush
▸Shiny Farfetch'd plush
▸Beta Torchic plush
▸Chikorita plush
▸Oshawott plush
▸Mega Sceptile plush
▸Venasaur (♀) plush
▸Charizard plush ("coconut" color)
▸Garchomp plush
▸Suicune Plush (mirror)
▸Chandelure plush (normal) (shiny)

Sinnoh League
Coal Badge

Hoenn League
Stone Badge
Knuckle Badge
Dynamo Badge
Heat Badge
Balance Badge
Feather Badge
Mind Badge
Rain Badge

Hoenn League Medal
-won by Cirrus, Nyac, Pikanyaa, Cello, Sublima, Samson, and Musashi-

Johto League
Zephyr Badge
Hive Badge
Plain Badge
Fog Badge
Mineral Badge
Storm Badge
Glacier Badge
Rising Badge

Johto League Medal
-won by Cirrus, Nyac, Pikanyaa, Cello, Sublima, and Samson-

-PWOPL - Hard Mode (AKA Sugar-free)- 70G
100% completion on a League, all Badges and Championship victory earned using NO rare candies.
[small]Granted by Yoji after defeating the Johto League Championships

-Rescue Aid Society Inductee- 30G
Perform or participate in a rescue, alone or with others.
Granted by Yoji after rescuing Alex from Whirl Islands

-Sweet Tooth- 10G
Have 100 rare candies in your bag at one time.
Acquired 10/30/2012

-I Am a Leader!- 10G
Imagine yourself as a gym leader, and find out what kind of gym and Pokemon you would own.
Granted by Co-op Coach after filling out Gym Leader meme

-Everybody's a Comedian- 5G
Have more than 5 different people laugh at something you said!
Earned from Nyac's alternate backstory

-They Can't All Be Winners...- 0G
Participate in a Max Raid Battle, but fail to K.O. the opponent.
Earned from participating in a Gigantimax Mewoth raid battle

- - -

Name: C. Nimbus ( ref )
Real name: Cyril M. Nimbiosa
Age: 40
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 290 lbs
Hometown: Mistralton City, Unova region (ages 0-37); no permanent residence (ages 37-40)
Summary: A character Lataria was paired with when she joined Team Aqua in Slateport City. Ever since accidentally causing his parents' deaths when he was 17, Nimbus had been plagued with the guilt of the incident, but a chance encounter with the Pokemon Thundurus at age 37 gave him the opportunity to start a new life, which he had dedicated to chasing success wherever he may find it and by any means necessary. His quest for success had not served him well, with almost all of his endeavors having been for villainous purposes. (SPOILERS BELOW)
More content!
Personality: His personality was somewhat split. Nimbus was basically a heartless cover created to protect his real self, Cyril, from ever being emotionally hurt again. He was very cold and standoffish, rarely showing any emotion. He preferred to work alone and threatened anyone who he saw as a threat to his missions. On the other hand, Cyril was very quiet and, unlike Nimbus, very emotional and had a heart, though he tended to see this as a weakness. Despite his relative lightness, Cyril was actually much more dangerous than Nimbus. Whenever his emotions reached a fever pitch, he lost complete control of his temper and usually ended up attacking the Pokemon or person that set him off.
Likes: being left alone, personal achievements, pasta
Dislikes: people, Pokemon, himself


Thundurus (m): Lvl ???
After Nimbus nursed some injuries Thundurus sustained from a battle with Tornadus, Thundurus vowed to repay him by allowing him to use his powers for whatever purpose he wanted. Thundurus didn't always approve of Nimbus' endeavors, but his honor to his promise kept him in Nimbus' servitude until he finally severed ties with him after Nimbus refused to acknowledge Thundurus' injuries in a battle in Fortree City.

= = =

This is my scribblesona, basically a miniaturized version of myself- ref

I also have a team of colorful characters, all inventions from when I was 13 - 15 years old. Even though I never draw any of them, I still love and care about them, so they deserve their own section here. =)

Melon- (info / updated ref)

Pikanite- ref

Maiko- ref

Marcella- ref

Pippy- ref

Sanjuan- ref
(redesign coming soon)

Juneau- ref

Team Sunrise- ref
(Even though TS Pikanyaa & my scribblesona share the same name, they are not the same character! If you plan on drawing TS Pikanyaa or Chikari, please try and draw them together!)

That's me in a nutshell! If you have any questions regarding the site or are looking to make friends, I'm always open to o-mails! =)
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