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Name Sredni
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Age 36 (1984-04-01)
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▸Deino Plush

Nothing currently.

Character’s Name: Sredni Ezrah Vt

Age: 33 (passes for late teens/ early 20s)

Reference Image or Physical Description:
I'll try to make a nicer one later, when my arm doesn't hurt (tried for chibi and missed). He's 5 and a half feet tall.
Doesn't wear shoes.

~Current team~
~[Lvl 010] Charmander ~Edrick {starter}
~[Lvl 010] Remoraid ~Podsly {starter}
~[Lvl 010] Deino ~Eddie From Santa Oak 2015
~[Lvl 008] Pichu ~Waylon From Santa Oak 2016 (Alolan)
~[Lvl 007] Buzzwole ~Grater From Tansy (THANKYOU!)
~These two switch places as needed~
~[Lvl 008] Rowlet ~Miles From Santa Oak 2017
~[Lvl 010] Shroomish ~Frank {starter}

[Lvl 005] Shourin ~2018 Prohto event

1 egg from The Easter Pikachu(2018)

~[Lvl 010] Yamask ~??? From an anonymous valentine! (2016)
~[Lvl 010] Shinx ~??? From Wheelz!
~[Lvl 005] Drifloon ~??? From kris
~[Lvl 010] Zubat ~??? Caught using an Ultra Ball provided by Absel123's Goliath)
~[Lvl 005] Magikarp ~??? fishing
~[Lvl 011] Barboach ~??? fishing
~[Lvl 020] Staryu ~??? From Nemark
~[Lvl 010] Gastly ~??? From kris
~[Lvl 010] Ralts ~??? From a pokemon egg left by the Easter Buneary (2016)
~[Lvl 005] Dwebble ~??? From a beautiful egg! fishing
~[Lvl 001] Skorupi ~??? From the 2015 crossword puzzle egg.
~[Lvl 014] Shellos ~??? wild caught (west sea form)
~[Lvl 011] Pachirisu ~??? From Absel123's trainer Goliath
~[Lvl 005] Rockruff ~Lars From Tansy!
~[Lvl 005] Cutiefly ~??? From Lataria!
~[Lvl 036] Pidgeot ~??? From Absel123
~[Lvl 031] Ursaring ~??? From Absel123
~[Lvl 001] Komala ~??? From The Breeder
~[Lvl 001] Fennekin ~??? From princeton/toy
~[Lvl 005] Mudkip ~??? From princeton/toy
~[Lvl 010] Ditto ~??? From princeton/toy
~[Lvl 005] Lickitung
~[Lvl 005] Porygon
~[Lvl 030] Milcery (with an Alcremieline)
~[Lvl 040] Milcery (with an Alcremieline) ~*Shiny*~
~[Lvl 030] Lumineon

PMD event pokemon 2017
~[Lvl 005] Noibat
~[Lvl 005] Basculin
~[Lvl 005] Miltank
~[Lvl 005] Amaura
~[Lvl 005] Gible
~[Lvl 005] Surskit
~[Lvl 005] Siglyph
~[Lvl 005] Horsea
~[Lvl 005] Lickitung
~[Lvl 005] Bounsweet

2019 Christmas gifts
- lvl 5 Grookey
- lvl 5 Scorbunny
- lvl 5 Sobble

*Sredni's levitation doesn't work on Deino. It does however work on the tiny vest Deino wears.

~~~A malfunctioning Shiny Charm
~~~20,060 poke
1 Coal Badge from Gym Leader Roark
~A Deino plush!
~A large Snorlax plush
~An Old Rod
~A Good Rod! (Thank you Nemark!)
~A Net (found while fishing)
~A Deino watering can/teapot
~8 potions
~1 revive
~1 Poke Ball
~43 ultra balls
~2 shiny potions (from the Gift Ticket exchange 2015 and Christmas 2019)
~A bottle of Pinkan juice (From the 2016 Valentines shipping event) Traded in for a portion of green and a portion of white. To be used on Podsly soon.
~1/2 a bottle of Pinkan Juice.
~1 Incubator (thank you!)
~1 silver ribbon (from Melly's trainer Melody)
~2 pots of Honey! (safely hidden from Deino. probably)
~4 berry seeds
~1 chesto berry
~1 sitrus berry
~10 event tokens
~1 colorful leaf
~2 Red feathers
~4 Blue feathers (some from Absel123's trainer Goliath)
~3 Green feathers
~2 Black feathers
~9 White feathers
~2 exchange items (feathers, event tokens, or colorful leaves) from Lataria!
~6 Love Tickets
~2 Strawberry Sweets
~1 Love Sweet
~2 Flower Sweets
~1 Ribbon Sweet
~1 Berry Sweet
~1 Thunderstone (For Waylon)
~23 rare candies

Personality: Asexual. Quiet. Friendly. Loves rain, drawing, digging, and hiking. Spends a lot of time reading (mostly horror/supernatural) and practicing levitation. He tends to have no clue what he's doing but he tries his best.
Trying to get better at cooking/baking and crochet.

Psychic abilities:
~Telepathic communication: Needs to be within 30 feet and preferably in line of sight. Can't be used to spy on pokemon. Doesn't work on other people. He doesn't use this in battle as he considers it unfair.

~Levitation: Self (up to a foot off the ground) or physical objects up to 50 pounds. Can be used in emergency to pull others (over 50 pounds) out of harms way but he will be dizzy for a while afterwards.
Frequently used to travel on his shovel (that I forgot to add to his ref sheet X|).

History: Born somewhere in Unova. He did not have a happy childhood and prefers not to speak of it.
Having finally cut ties with his unpleasant relatives, Sredni decided to try this pokemon training thing, since he can communicate with them telepathically.
After Sredni spent a few months of preparation and research, the local professor gave him Edrick, his partner gave him Frank, and Podsly decided to join too (The garden pond was getting a bit cramped).
Bidding everyone farewell and promising to call frequently, he sets out for the nearest route.
His partner has chosen to stay behind and tend to the small craft shop they co-own, as well as any extra pokemon Sredni catches.
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