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Comments Moop! I am Nemark, been a member of PWO for almost five years and i have loved every minute. I am anticipating the brand new adventures!

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Pokemon leagues stuff
Character: Akeesha Ellyn Hernandez
Gender: Female
DOB-Sept. 27 1992
Height- 6'1
Weight- Doesn't care to keep track
Ref: Bunches of photos
Akeesha's Pokemon Drawings: Pokes Photos

A very rude woman. She can be nice but usually isn't so don't expect much from her unless your Nick or Melody. Akeesha's BEST BEST BEST friend is Melody, and her best friend traveling buddy currently is Nick. If anyone were to hurt these to she'd hurt those people back. She is very uptight around strangers, and doesn't put up with people most of the time. She has trained all of her pokemon in a manner that's almost militaristic. She will one day be a bounty hunter.

She likes all pokemon, but has a certain type of appreciation for water pokemon. She really doesn't care as long as they are helpful, and willing to work hard.

moneys: 115,860 pokemon moneys

Main Pokemon (Listed Below as Well)-
MALE-Noir-Duskull Dusklops Dusknoir-Lvl 53
MALE-Moose-totodile CroconawFeraligatr-Lvl 68 *
MALE-Buffalo-Marshstomp Swampert-Lvl 42

More content!

More content!

*-Beginner Pokemon
+-Shiny Pokemon
#-Half Pinkan

Breedin Calender:

Daycare eggs:

Eggs in Incubators:
>one from fish
>one from fish

Eggs in Blankies
>one from bug

> one from easter pikachu

More content!

More content!

More content!

Name: Grimador "Grim" Rya
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: December 15, 1997
Animal Basis: Fox
Height: 4'8"
Weight: She won't tell any one ;)


She's very, very mellow and has a keen sense of togetherness. She loves everyone, and literally has no hate for anybody. She is rarely angry, and often is found sleeping in numerous different places. She only wears sox for shoes, it covers up her fox toes that she is embarrassed about. Her family doesn't know they've developed, and she wants to keep it that way. She loves soup, especially clam chowder.

She does have distaste for certain objects, she doesn't like whistles. The noise hurts her ears, and she doesn't like hate or anger. It makes her uncomfortable. She also dislikes mashed potatoes, she really really doesn't like them. She's terrified of large Pokemon, well Pokemon any above 5'5". She doesn't like being short, and usually anything taller than her freaks her a little bit.

She likes ground type Pokemon, and a select ghost types.

Extra Fun Facts-
Can hear up to 120 ft away from her
Has a really good sniffer
Can run fast due to her fox feet
Uses Rock/Wood staff as a means of defense or attack
She was born in Sootopolis

Cookies (Chocolate Chip)
Socks (Never Rip)
Pie any type
Bag of Potatoes from Santa Oak

Grim's Pokemon-
More content!

Name: Skylar Peterson Smart
Age: 19
DOB: August 12th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Race: Unknown
Species: Human Cyborg
Where he was born: Lumiose City
Hometown: Floaroma Town
(Near Fuego Ironworks)
Most Recent Home: Violet City

He’s very shy, always nervous and worried he’s upset someone. Apologizes for almost everything, and feels like people are always staring at him. He tries to stick to himself, but his pokemon make him open to new things. He’s really into Fairy type pokemon and dark types. He will talk to people if they engage the conversation, but he won’t go out of his way to talk to someone new.

Fun Facts or Little Tidbits-
He’s a normal dude, no special abilities other than the storage device.
Doesn’t have any lasers or something like that. Maybe his eyes could hurt you, the little blue light if you stare at it for too long.
He’s a huge Doctor Who fan and Supernatural Fan, he really likes spongebob too and yu-gi-oh.
His favorite food is sushi, any sushi really.
His skin use to be a nice chocolate brown, but has faded to a grey brown over time.
The Peterson’s names are Debra and Tony
Mr. Smarts name is UNKNOWN ERROR ERROR...Hmm…
He likes to talk to people, but it’s hard for him to try to do it. Really hard.
He likes his robot qualities, but doesn’t like the stares he gets.
He loves Mr. Smart, and has never had any lasting horrible feelings for him and often worries about how he’s doing.
He can grow a beard in less than a day almost

Skylar's Pokemon-
More content!

A bag of sharp razors to shave his face
Doctor Who DVD's

Wishy List:
More content!

More content!

(Eevee is the most awesome person in the world!!! I love her <3)
(My name is nem and I'm a potato butt head who is awesome!)
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