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What is the PWO Pokémon League?

The PWO Pokémon League is a simulation of a Pokémon adventure. Each PWOian may pick some Pokémon to accompany them on their adventure.

From start to finish, you will go on your journey- gathering items, catching and evolving their own Pokémon. Pokémon may be obtained by many ways- capturing wild Pokémon, hatching an Egg, by an event, or by trading. You can explore; everyone will explore the world at the same rate to prevent confusion. When a new town is reached, information about the town will be posted including any events around the town. The Battle Expert will post information about the gym if there is one. Along the way, you will meet characters from within the plotline, and maybe even befriend them.

If you're ever lost along the way, many of the other trainers in the League will be willing to help! You can also mail Prof. Samuel Oak, mei, or Pikanyaa.


Check their profiles for more information.

Prof. Samuel Oak: Releases events and posts announcements.
Professor Elm: Releases wild Pokémon encounters.
Shopkeeper: For all your Pokémart purchases. Check Shopkeeper's profile for a full list of items and their prices!
Fisherman: If you have any of the rods, you can fish every day for a chance at items - maybe even extremely rare ones.
Bug Catcher: If you have a net, you can use it every day for a chance at some items.
Pokemon Breeder: Takes care of Pokemon and egg happiness. Also allows you to breed Pokemon for new eggs.
Battle Expert: Send your gym leader battles here! Check the Battle Expert's profile for gym leaders you can battle.
Battle Bros.: Send your mails to the Battle Bros. when battling other trainers!
Pokemon Orphanage: Have some pokemon you don't want, but can't seem to get rid of? Looking to adopt a Pokémon? Come to the Pokemon Orphanage!
Berry Master: Grow berries to create potions that change your Pokemon's color!
Co-Op Coach: Want to interact with other trainers? Participate in co-op events!

NOTE: PLEASE keep track of all of your trainer information, such as your Pokemon and your items, in your profile!

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[27414] Artist: MPD | Title: Gregorina looking good | Time: unknown
Pic #27415
(Click to enlarge)

MPD @ Monday, April 1st 2019, 9:08 AM
It's Gregorina's birthday to-day.

source 1 source 2
kris @ Tuesday, April 2nd 2019, 8:46 PM
this is how gregorina always looks right
i see no difference
just a massive muscly bidoof gal
MPD @ Wednesday, April 3rd 2019, 8:03 AM
Oh yeah, totally.

[27413] Artist: MPD | Title: Shiny Primal Bidoof | Time: unknown
Pic #27414
(Click to enlarge)

MPD @ Monday, April 1st 2019, 8:28 AM
Muffin Butt isn't shiny, but I made a shiny version of her too anyways just because I was already messing around with different palette ideas while drawing her. So this is what a hypothetical shiny Primal Bidoof might look like if it existed, I guess.
kris @ Tuesday, April 2nd 2019, 8:47 PM
what an amazingly metal lookin bidoof, too tuff

[27411] Artist: MPD | Title: Primal Bidoof | Time: 1h
Pic #27412
(Click to enlarge)

MPD @ Monday, April 1st 2019, 8:25 AM
I've got a bunch of Primal Pokémon that I've hatched from Fossilized Eggs from the Underground Man. I haven't drawn most of them yet, but I figured that to-day seemed as good a day as any to whip up a design for Gregorina's Primal Bidoof.

Meet Muffin Butt, everyone. Her blood is a hearty primordial soup. (It's delicious.) I know that most of our Fossilized Eggs aren't supposed to hatch into Primal Pokémon which look quite like the legendary Primal Pokémon from the games... but come on, just look at this ridiculous thing. (By the way, it's still like, 1'8" tall.)

(Adulted for Godly levels of Bidoof-ness.)

background ref
kris @ Tuesday, April 2nd 2019, 8:46 PM
is this for real
(i misread that as 18' tall lmfao)
MPD @ Wednesday, April 3rd 2019, 8:04 AM
lol yeah this is totally for real! I've gotta design some of the other primal Pokémon I've got, too. I've got a handful, but I never draw them.

[27410] Artist: Professor Sycamore | Title: Professor Doofmore | Time: unknown
Pic #27411

Professor Sycamore @ Monday, April 1st 2019, 7:35 AM
Felt cute, might delete later idk
kris @ Tuesday, April 2nd 2019, 8:46 PM
stop u lookin sexy cant keep this up
Professor Sycamore @ Wednesday, April 3rd 2019, 8:08 AM
Being sexy is what I do. Watch me keep this up.

[27409] Artist: kris | Title: take a selfie | Time: 30m
Pic #27410
(Click to enlarge)

kris @ Thursday, March 21st 2019, 11:02 AM
EverlastingRitz @ Friday, March 22nd 2019, 4:26 PM
I'm loving these selfies
MPD @ Wednesday, April 3rd 2019, 8:04 AM
Smile for the camera!

[27408] Artist: Absel123 | Title: Fauna's Backstory Part 13 | Time: unknown
Pic #27409
(Click to enlarge)

Absel123 @ Wednesday, March 20th 2019, 9:42 PM
Picture adulted for blood and bruises.

This story intertwines with this one and may be helpful!

More content!
kris @ Tuesday, April 2nd 2019, 8:50 PM
why can't anything good happen to anyone
i want to give sam and prince and sylveon hugs and jeez
sylveon and sam have such a complex friendship. your writings are so intense, lots of emotions in everything.

[27407] Artist: kris | Title: rarararara | Time: 15m
Pic #27408

kris @ Wednesday, March 20th 2019, 7:15 PM
bagons suck but yet
the need is there
MPD @ Wednesday, April 3rd 2019, 8:05 AM
Yeeeah I'm not crazy about Bagon either, but I get this

[27406] Artist: Melly | Title: HBD!!!!!!!! | Time: unknown
Pic #27407
(Click to enlarge)

Melly @ Saturday, March 16th 2019, 1:37 PM
Happy birthday, Nem!

Grim is such a cutie which inspired me to try out this cute color palette on her. I also love your character’s new looks!

I hope you get lots of good things for your bday (like a bunch of Grim drawings) and have the most amazing year following your special day!

nemark @ Friday, March 22nd 2019, 2:47 PM

I commented on facebook with you about it, but i forgot to comment here! Thank you so much ammuu ;0; <3
MPD @ Wednesday, April 3rd 2019, 8:07 AM
This is super cute! I like the colors, and the outlines.

[27405] Artist: Absel123 | Title: Fauna's Backstory Part 12 | Time: unknown
Pic #27406
(Click to enlarge)

Absel123 @ Saturday, March 16th 2019, 1:32 AM
Picture Inspiration

This story intertwines with this one and may be helpful!

More content!

[27404] Artist: Professor Sycamore | Title: Laissons donc s'épanouir les fleurs de la bonté. | Time: unknown
Pic #27405
(Click to enlarge)

Professor Sycamore @ Wednesday, March 13th 2019, 10:17 AM
(Click the art to view the animation!)

Thank you all for your participation in last month's Love Festival! Though the turnout was a little bit small, I do consider love to be an immeasurable thing, and so it was nevertheless an honor to have hosted it! With the festivities concluded, I would also like to announce the winners of our Love Raffle. Nemark, MPD, and EverlastingRitz, each of you have earned a new Sylveon! You may decorate each of your Sylveon however you'd like, as if a Special Potion has already been applied to it. Now then, February's over, so enough about love--let's talk about me. Come this way, won't you?

More content!
MPD @ Wednesday, March 13th 2019, 10:24 AM
Full disclosure here, because I'd like to be completely transparent on this one--I'm Professor Sycamore. I really do hope that I can do a good job of running the things here that I'll be running, and serving our lovely community. If you ever have any kinds of questions or concerns regarding myself, PWOPL, other users, or anything at all, please feel comfortable reaching out to me via any means that you prefer. (Omailing the Sycamore account, messaging me on Discord or Facebook, etc.) I am fully available to help anyone here in any way that I ever can!

[27403] Artist: Absel123 | Title: Sam's Trainer Card | Time: unknown
Pic #27404
(Click to enlarge)

Absel123 @ Saturday, March 9th 2019, 9:47 PM
I decided to try my hand at modding some pixels tonight for the first time and decided to share. The only one I didn't mod was Jolteon and that's because this sprite was turned to the side that doesn't have any special markings for Cinderella.

This was super fun and I think I might try doing the same for my other characters.
kris @ Monday, March 11th 2019, 8:01 AM
looks great !!! you did a really good job with the sprites
MPD @ Wednesday, March 13th 2019, 8:16 AM
If you want to do your other trainers, go for it! I've never done one of these for my trainers here, but I do remember making one for myself waaay back in the day.
Godzillers @ Wednesday, March 13th 2019, 7:59 PM
this is awesome!! i love the edits you did with the pokemon as well, makes me want to go back and remake mine for the 1000th time. keep it up!!
Melly @ Saturday, March 16th 2019, 1:39 PM
Your sprite work looks great! I’ve always wanted to try this. The Pokémon customization ones look amazing too. I never think about doing them as well oops. Lovely!

[27401] Artist: Melly | Title: Passion for Fashion | Time: unknown
Pic #27402
(Click to enlarge)

Melly @ Saturday, March 9th 2019, 5:46 PM
Happy March everyone!

So I don't know if I've ever drawn one of your trainers before (or it was AGES ago), but definitely haven't drawing Addi before (which, shame on me because she is an absolutely adorable delight).

Probably the designer in me, but I always love drawing for other people and wanted to share the love! I try to draw for everyone at least once! (ew, stop humble bragging me.....)

If I've never drawn your character before or you're newer, let me know or just say hi!

Outfit inspired by my Pinterest feed.
Absel123 @ Saturday, March 9th 2019, 9:56 PM
I swear every time I see your art it gets prettier, good gosh!

I love the linework, too! Addi looks fantastic!
kris @ Monday, March 11th 2019, 8:00 AM
oof i love your art so much
the shading on her face and expression and hair and her coat and her clothes and !!!!! so cute
MPD @ Wednesday, March 13th 2019, 8:15 AM
I love the lighting on this. It has like a real sunset feel? I totally dig it. Nice to see your art again, as always Melly!
EverlastingRitz @ Sunday, March 17th 2019, 7:46 AM
I love everything about this. The fashion is so on point for her (I love the heart belt) and the way you did her hair is so cute. I love how I can feel the texture of the sweater uwu

Thank you so much!!! I don't think you ever drew Yuria but I love this one of Adelaide so much uwu

Do you mind if I put it up on my toyhouse for her?? Do you have an artsite i can credit you to?


(Edited on March 17, 2019, 7:50 am)

[27400] Artist: kris | Title: No Title | Time: 40m
Pic #27401

kris @ Thursday, March 7th 2019, 8:18 PM
considering making a new icon
Melly @ Saturday, March 9th 2019, 5:50 PM
And you succeeded! You draw the cutest kids. Such simple times with the biggest grin (enjoy it while it lasts, kid) /shoe'd

I really enjoy the emotion from his expression thooooo
MPD @ Wednesday, March 13th 2019, 8:14 AM
It's so innocent and happy! It's nice to see some cheer getting spread around here.

[27399] Artist: kris | Title: No Title | Time: 1h
Pic #27400
(Click to enlarge)

kris @ Thursday, March 7th 2019, 7:28 PM
Kodi is from Rustboro City.
Well, on the outskirts of town.
Technically he's from the south end of Route 115, just a short surf away from Rustboro City.
He attended Roxanne's Trainer School every weekday, surfing across the short span of water on his family's Swampert, Gus.
His favorite thing to do is to play in the tidepools with his Pichu, Stripe, or just enjoy the afternoon breeze with the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach by his family's house.
Godzillers @ Thursday, March 7th 2019, 7:31 PM
i don't know whose hair i want to ruffle more, kodi's or stripe's
i will have to settle for both
MPD @ Wednesday, March 13th 2019, 8:08 AM
So in other words... :cool: He got to school every morning by taking the school Gus?


[27398] Artist: kris | Title: Start Here | Time: 25m
Pic #27399
(Click to enlarge)

kris @ Wednesday, March 6th 2019, 6:12 PM
Kodi (Kodiak) Storm
Age 10
From Rustboro City in Hoenn, attended Roxanne's School
Has an older brother named Jefferson Louis (who is currently 19 years old and learning to become a Pokemon Breeder)
Has two parents, nothing dramatic from his life. He's got no goals, this is just a happy boy who is gonna travel with his Pokemon. Doesn't even care about badges, this boy just wants to have fun.
He has a Pichu named Stripe.
I'll give him other Pokemon later on, he's gonna have water and electric Pokemon.
(I've gotta send this in for approval.)
Absel123 @ Thursday, March 7th 2019, 6:12 AM
Dude, why's he so hecking adorable? I want more!
Melly @ Saturday, March 9th 2019, 5:53 PM
New drawing target acquired.....

Agreed with Absel, so darn cute! Those cheeks are asking for some pinches and hugs from Melody. Although it'll be a sad day when he grows taller than her (in like a year or two lmao). Match-y pichu starters! Can't wait to see more of him! Or appearances of his family
MPD @ Wednesday, March 13th 2019, 8:10 AM
A new Kris trainer? Heck yeah. I like how this came out! It's a good thing this happy boi doesn't care about badges, because we never have gym battles here annyyywayyy wheeeeeooops

[27397] Artist: EverlastingRitz | Title: beep | Time: 1h
Pic #27398
(Click to enlarge)

EverlastingRitz @ Tuesday, March 5th 2019, 6:23 PM
I'm sorry I took forever to do this one.
Melly is so pretty I feel like I can't do her justice oAo

But Addi loves taking selfies and photos so she'd def make sure to have pictures of herself with other pretty faces

Base by next--lvl on dA
kris @ Wednesday, March 6th 2019, 7:49 PM
so cute !!! their poses are adorable and their expressions are cuuuute
Melly @ Saturday, March 9th 2019, 5:35 PM
Aww what do you mean?? So cute! You definitely captured her cute/sincere/empathetic personality with the expression. <3

Melody would be more than happy to take a picture with Addi! I could see them becoming great friends! (She has a subtle interest in dressing stylishing but that's my own interest injected into her aha). Thank you for this beautiful drawing!!!
MPD @ Wednesday, March 13th 2019, 8:11 AM
Ugh they looks so GOOD and the FASHUN is just SPOT-ON, Tansy is proud
Professor Sycamore @ Wednesday, March 13th 2019, 8:17 AM
Thank you for your participation! You have earned:

> 1x Event Token
> 1x Rare Candy
> Love Ticket #LUV-105

[27396] Artist: Absel123 | Title: Fauna's Backstory Part 11 | Time: unknown
Pic #27397
(Click to enlarge)

Absel123 @ Sunday, February 24th 2019, 7:40 PM
More content!
kris @ Wednesday, March 6th 2019, 7:59 PM
man your stories are always so intense
what a good bond they're developing, even if you know, murder was a thing.
your drawing is really great too, i love the pose of them laying on their backs.

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