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What is the PWO Pokémon League?

The PWO Pokémon League is a simulation of a Pokémon adventure. Each PWOian may pick some Pokémon to accompany them on their adventure.

From start to finish, you will go on your journey- gathering items, catching and evolving their own Pokémon. Pokémon may be obtained by many ways- capturing wild Pokémon, hatching an Egg, by an event, or by trading. You can explore; everyone will explore the world at the same rate to prevent confusion. When a new town is reached, information about the town will be posted including any events around the town. The Battle Expert will post information about the gym if there is one. Along the way, you will meet characters from within the plotline, and maybe even befriend them.

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Professor Elm: Releases wild Pokémon encounters.
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Fisherman: If you have any of the rods, you can fish every day for a chance at items - maybe even extremely rare ones.
Bug Catcher: If you have a net, you can use it every day for a chance at some items.
Pokemon Breeder: Takes care of Pokemon and egg happiness. Also allows you to breed Pokemon for new eggs.
Battle Expert: Send your gym leader battles here! Check the Battle Expert's profile for gym leaders you can battle.
Battle Bros.: Send your mails to the Battle Bros. when battling other trainers!
Pokemon Orphanage: Have some pokemon you don't want, but can't seem to get rid of? Looking to adopt a Pokémon? Come to the Pokemon Orphanage!
Berry Master: Grow berries to create potions that change your Pokemon's color!
Co-Op Coach: Want to interact with other trainers? Participate in co-op events!

NOTE: PLEASE keep track of all of your trainer information, such as your Pokemon and your items, in your profile!

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[12526] Artist: Melly | Title: Hot springss hot springsss. | Time: 25h 8m
Pic #12526
(Click to enlarge)

Melly @ Sunday, July 31st 2011, 3:00 PM

Edit: Finally finished @A@ It crashed on me two times so I had to start over twice but yes finally done.
Time is off by 7 hours cause I had to go to sleep >w<
+ 18 Event Tokens.

Melody and her Team. (My first group picture ^o^)

(Uploaded by Melly)
Yojimbo @ Saturday, July 30th 2011, 8:26 PM
Oh this is AMAZING
Oaks Assistant @ Sunday, July 31st 2011, 3:03 PM
This is gorgeous! You did this all in an applet? Wow, that's incredible.

Vote for archive +1
Absel123 @ Sunday, July 31st 2011, 3:05 PM
This is amazing! I vote for archive too!
Leysquid @ Sunday, July 31st 2011, 3:14 PM
Definitely should archive this. This is gorgeous and it took a lot of time.
nemark @ Sunday, July 31st 2011, 3:50 PM
I cant even express how amazing this is. I know how much time nd sweat u put in it. I would wake up in the middle of the night or later nd you would still be workin away. I love your dedication to every piece of art you do. I expecially love in this piece how you delecately thought of how each member of your team would be interacting with each other. I personally love tiki the best but thats because I am a biased water pokemon lover. Good job eevee this is awesome, keep drawing nd keep improving.
>votes a hundred times for archive
Biju @ Sunday, July 31st 2011, 4:35 PM
w o w
this is absolutely fantastic!! the details in this really show how hard you worked on it. the lines are very clean and the coloring is perfect! definitely archive vote!!!!
Scipio @ Sunday, July 31st 2011, 5:11 PM
yes archive this
it's adorable and very well pulled off
Pikanyaa @ Sunday, July 31st 2011, 6:49 PM
The moment I saw this I could tell an enormous amount of effort was put into it. The attention to detail is very precise and colorful, and each of the Pokemons' personalities is depicted so uniquely!

This is definitely your best work, Melly. Fantastic job! <3
Melly @ Sunday, July 31st 2011, 7:50 PM
W-wow thank you so much guys aaaah ;A;
cherrytea @ Sunday, July 31st 2011, 11:51 PM
aaaaaa so pretty

[12361] Artist: Biju | Title: timeline | Time: 13h
Pic #12361
(Click to enlarge)

Biju @ Tuesday, July 26th 2011, 10:08 PM
13 hours.
i think that is that longest i've ever spent on a picture.
surprisingly my hands feel ok. C:

this is for the blast from the past event!!!!!

(Uploaded by Biju)
geebrowtar @ Tuesday, July 26th 2011, 10:10 PM
aaaa this is AMAZING
Viola @ Tuesday, July 26th 2011, 10:10 PM
oh i love the 70s one and the 80s one
Rio @ Tuesday, July 26th 2011, 10:20 PM
The sound I just made.
Oaks Assistant @ Tuesday, July 26th 2011, 10:33 PM
OH WOW I love how you went through each and every time frame!
Gosh you put so much effort into this, it really makes me happy when I see people enjoying events
everything about this is so nice

+1 vote for archive
Melly @ Tuesday, July 26th 2011, 10:36 PM
Oh my gosh this is so cool. Biju this turned out fantastic.
I love every single square and all the outfits aaah <33 You captured the fashions really well <:3
Might I ask if there was a specific website you found for these or just google perhaps?
But wah I love Simone and your humans and how everything is so unique.
Biju @ Tuesday, July 26th 2011, 11:00 PM
Melly @ Nope!!
i just flipped through a few pages of google and halloween costume sites C:
Yojimbo @ Tuesday, July 26th 2011, 11:21 PM
How very excellent *U*
I also vote for Archival :3<
Tiffu @ Wednesday, July 27th 2011, 1:29 AM
deffo archive this is fab
Undao @ Wednesday, July 27th 2011, 6:14 AM
Wowwww all of these outfits are so prettyy. Really shows all the effort you put into it.
Pikanyaa @ Wednesday, July 27th 2011, 9:24 AM
Wow Biju...every one of her outfits really reflects that era and her personality (and her Pokemon's) so well! She looks absolutely stunning in each outfit. It's hard for me to choose a favorite. <3
This really sums up what the blast from the past event is all about.

+1 vote = :archive:
cherrytea @ Wednesday, July 27th 2011, 2:33 PM
flawless!!! i can't decide which one is my favorite i love them all ;w;
Zurey @ Thursday, July 28th 2011, 3:09 PM
1980 *u*
this is reeally great!

[12292] Artist: Viola | Title: Hot Springs Event | Time: 8h 30m
Pic #12292
(Click to enlarge)

Viola @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 1:47 AM
i am the slowest artist ever

anyway pretend blitzle isnt electric for a minute because i didn't remember until after i line arted it.

So yeah Zecora likes to swim in really hot water because I said so.
Viola keeps teasing Delta that she's gonna dunk her in the hot spring.
Cera hates water and is showing that by shooting flames everywhere.
Goop is being goop.
Ar is sleeping after lounging in the spring.
Valet doesn't like the water.
Neither does Sanchez, so he's laying around and rolling on all of the clean towels.
Piu thought it was a good idea to go swimming but she's a baby and also electric so that didn't work.
Middle panel has vi after she put all the pokemon back in their pokeballs.

(Uploaded by Viola)
Biju @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 1:54 AM
this is the best ever *U*
it looks so fantastic everything looks perfect AAAAAaaa
worth 8 hours yes
Kamun @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 2:29 AM
I'm going to hop on the oaks assistant account so i can make a proper legit comment
you'll see why
Oaks Assistant @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 2:30 AM
I just wanted to say that all the effort that you put into this really shows.
Eight hours of work, good god I wouldn't be able to do that. It doesn't matter if you're a slow artist, the colors, atmosphere, and different perspectives in this picture are brilliant and you did a fantastic job.

Now, can I get a mod to archive this please? ;)
Tiffu @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 3:32 AM
ARCHIVE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haloclimb @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 4:44 AM
archive archive archive archvie
You can see the effort you put into this! It's all drawn so well and in so much detail (even down to personalized pokeballs!), and to me it is definitely worthy of an archvie!
Bucket @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 8:03 AM
godddddddd the detail in this is AMAZING
skfgsk i love how piu is faceplanted there.
Absel123 @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 3:23 PM
Undao @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 3:29 PM
This looks really pretty. I like how you did the water especially.
Melly @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 4:51 PM
and I don't think it matters if blitzle is electric, it should still be able to enjoy the water >w<
Gossh this is fantastic. There is so much I want to comment on but my tongue is tied xDc I love the coloring and textures and how you drew Viola and all of this is greaaat <3 So much effort.
Pikanyaa @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 5:19 PM
The amount of effort you put into this is incredible! You portrayed each of Vi's Pokemon's personalities so perfectly, and Piu's panel made me laugh out loud. xD The textures and layout of the whole comic really draws the team together as a whole.
Viola @ Monday, July 25th 2011, 5:57 PM
oh my gosh og my gosh
this is pretty much the best thing that's happened in a really really long time
thank you guys so much oh my goddkdsjgjs
smooches you all and has a pwopl tea party
and cries
a lot

[12058] Artist: dragons roar | Title: wonderlanding | Time: unknown
Pic #12058
(Click to enlarge)

dragons roar @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 2:31 PM
edit: reupload, the first version had the wrong bg.

0__0 hi this is what ive been working on for the last forever
contribution pic to the wonderland plot, its been my favorite plot to create so far and i seem to do a big pic when a plot finishes so! E:

i wanted to fit in everyone but that was...way too many people so here are a few

the original pic is bigger but its 3mb so i dont think itll upload.

21 hours
(Uploaded by dragons roar)
Viola @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 2:33 PM
Tiffu @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 2:34 PM
Tiffu @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 2:35 PM
Arky @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 2:56 PM
Liz @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 3:02 PM
asjlkd YOUR SHADING AND COLORS ARE ALWAYS SO NIC-- what do you mean this was bigger
This is already so big holy cow
.. Also I love that everyone's face looks different which is stupid of me but shh
Kamun @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 3:02 PM
Ebony @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 3:03 PM
Oh my god this is beautiful
Biju @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 3:33 PM
this is really lovely you did a really fantastic job dragon!!! *U*
Areji @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 3:43 PM
cherrytea @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 5:37 PM
oooh this is so pretty! i like your coloring
Melly @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 8:16 PM
Your coloring is just stunningly beautiful, gosh <3 I really love everybody in this and the placement is really nice. Everyone looks great in your style too <333
Haloclimb @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 8:20 PM
This is so amazing! The shading and the people and the costumes and dfkgshkjgsgbsgd

But my god masked man is somehow creepier now than before!
Okapi @ Sunday, July 10th 2011, 8:52 PM
hot damn that's a sexy amber
and everyone else

man this is fantastic
Scipio @ Monday, July 11th 2011, 5:24 AM
charles i see you there in the back.
everyone just looks incredibly majestic. yeaaaaah.
also dang qurl, 21 hours.
all the poke is belonging to you.
Pikanyaa @ Monday, July 11th 2011, 5:47 PM
Oh my gosh. The shading is incredible and everyone's designs are so..... geez I have no words. ;w;

*glances left*
*glances right*

[11996] Artist: Drew | Title: Pokeball PWO | Time: 1h 1m
Pic #11996
(Click to enlarge)

Drew @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:25 PM
I thought this might be fun to do. I had no idea it would actually take a while to do. Look around and see if you're there :>
I'm sorry if you aren't in there, nothing personal. I picked people I see here pretty often.
I'm quite pleased with the Fio-ball. Ky-ball looks like dark lugia.
Bucket @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:30 PM
Woah Drew this is SO COOL
I would've never thought of this
absolute coolness.
I want all of these balls. And I don't even care how that sounds.
Liz @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:32 PM
I wanna collect them all....
Nick has the bes-- no Lil-- no Toj-- Todd-- Luc--
Melly @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:35 PM
My goodness these are all so cooool. I could never choose a favorite because they are all so unique in their own way. I love this Drewww <3 ahh thankyou.
Undao @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:38 PM
cherrytea @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:40 PM
haha this is so cute!! ;w;
Kat @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:44 PM

This is so wonderful and sweet of you to do! You're so thoughtful I could just die ;w; thank you for sticking Willoe in there too; this is so totally her!!

-loves all over-
Yojimbo @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:45 PM
This is very interesting drew <3 also thank you for including Yoji :3<
nano @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:48 PM
omg terrY BALLS
and now to think of a an specialty for each
and every one
of them
Drew @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:50 PM
^They all have a specialty, all different but special.
Like kamun's ball has a very high catch rate because kamun has so many pokemon XD
Melly @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:55 PM
Ooh you added specialties to them?
Bucket @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 9:00 PM
I bet Todd's ball has a higher catch rate for blue Pokemon
That boy turned out to be practically obsessed with the color blue
Blue and black color scheme and 5 blue Pokemon
What is this
Arky @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 9:06 PM
oh my god this is so great
geebrowtar @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 9:07 PM
omg this is so cool *o*
Sora @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 9:09 PM
oh wow this is such a great idea!
I love all the colours used here!
Drew @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 9:20 PM
Bjornball- purple pokemon have a high catchrate
Melodyball-makes a pokemon more friendly
Nickball-catches cute pokemon (because his pokemon are cute)
Kyball- works better at night
Amberball-works better in the forest
Lilyball-Catches ghost types easily
Fioball-catches the pokemon 50% of the time
Toddball-blue pokemon have a high catchrate (70% of his pokemon have blue in them)
Yojiball- works like a fast ball
Willowball-works better in field
Kipball-catch rate increases everytime you use the kipball in succession
Lucasball-Catches lightweight pokemon easily (nudge to his weight)
Pageball-Catches dark types (like how page caught ky)
Carterball- Heals upon catching
Toddiball-catches poison types easily
Lazarisball- green pokemon have a high catchrate
Soupball- works better when party has taken damage
LyraIrisball- Adds 1 happiness point for every 1000 steps
Kamunball- High catchrate on all types. (less high than other high catchrate balls)
Riceball- (lol riceball) Catches alien like pokemon easily
Rinoaball- If encountering a new pokemon, catchrate is high
Markball- Automatically nicknames the pokemon Jack
Terryball- Increases a pokemon's beauty condition
Jayball- Pink pokemon have high catchrate
Quainball- Catches lady pokemon easily (lol)

I think this submission helped me get to know a lot of you and your characters more, so I'm glad I did it.

Yojimbo @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 9:21 PM
Oh? What are all the specialties..?
Or will you make us guess???

You freaking WIN Drew x333

(Edited on July 7, 2011, 9:37 pm)
isaac @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 9:22 PM
ohhh my god sfsf;kjhas this is so cool aaaaaaaa thank you for including me omg ; w;
Kamun @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 9:38 PM
Okapi @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 9:54 PM
Aaaaaa ambers is so precious with the stipe kgdkgsgksgkxjsfj
Gonna make it my icon when I'm not on my iPod.
Erica @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 10:00 PM
Wow oh my word this is really wonderful, I'm really flattered and ahh this is so warm ;a; I love all of these and I love the colors you used for the Kip-Ball and and lakjsdflalsdkfa Thank you so much <3
nano @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 10:20 PM
oh my god beauty condition fffffffffffffffff
nano @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 10:21 PM
also hngh quainball
Haloclimb @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 11:58 PM
They are all so pretty! I especially like the Quain and Meldoy ones (as well as Soups obviously xD)
You have such a good sense of colour, they all go together so well!
Fire Lugia @ Friday, July 8th 2011, 2:00 AM

these are so COOL
Scipio @ Friday, July 8th 2011, 4:43 AM
ahahah lucas.
this is adorable gdshfsdjf
Rio @ Friday, July 8th 2011, 9:10 AM
Oh my god this is wonderful.
Heeeheee. Rinoaball.
geebrowtar @ Friday, July 8th 2011, 9:26 AM
omg markball's specialty I'm dyingdfdag
Professor Oak @ Friday, July 8th 2011, 3:22 PM
oh my god this is brilliant especially the explanations jkfhsdkflhasdfhsadf
Pandah @ Friday, July 8th 2011, 6:19 PM
uwaahh they are all so pretty!!! ;w; thank you for including Fio its so cute LOL!!

[11961] Artist: Liz | Title: I HATE ROCKS | Time: 8h
Pic #11961
(Click to enlarge)

Chibi Paint
Liz @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 11:56 AM
There comes a time when you need to just stop working on something no matter what other ideas you have to add into the picture or whatever else you want to go fix

That time is when you've been working on something for two weeks and you don't even look forward to opening up the file.

... You know, I say two weeks but you guys know how I dawdle. This is probably eight hours of actual work.

... and half of that was experimenting with new coloring techniques too

[Original Size]

... Crap I've been working on this so long I don't even remember my to-do list
I really ought to write that stuff down...

.. Oh of all the things I could forget, I forgot his scars. I'm just a winner today aren't I :T forgetit I've already gone back to edit this way too many times
also I secretly think this looked 9000x better in black and white

(Uploaded by Doug Fir the Absent Minded)
Okapi @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 12:32 PM
oh my god this is so gorgeous slkdfjhkshfksf
Scipio @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 12:46 PM
oh wow this is wonderful ;o;
that everything.
especially the background and the shading oh gosh <33
cherrytea @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 1:29 PM
this turned out great! your backgrounds are totally pro :3
Yojimbo @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 1:38 PM
archive please *3*
Melly @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 2:00 PM
Gosh Liz this is legit! <333 you added so many details and it's gorgeous. I really love your ability to draw humans and your wonderful coloring.
Those rocks are amazing! Ky looks fantasticc
Drew @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 3:57 PM
Arceus Christ! Your background is so laboured and beautiful. I totally feel the atmosphere you were creating. There are so many elements to this that make it beautiful.
The work you did on the character is so careful and clean. I can make out some texture on the sweatervest.
*Please archive, for outstanding work. Totally inspiring.
Arky @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 4:01 PM
Thankyou so much
I can't
Liz @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 4:45 PM
I, uh, thanks guys! .///.
I didn't think there were that many details... And everything is really just a giant mess none of it was careful or laborious just boring so there were a lot of breaks um yeah
And don't mention it man asjdkh. I'm just glad you like it hurp that last one was just ene
Liz @ Thursday, July 7th 2011, 8:20 PM
No no no no NO

[11674] Artist: Tiffu | Title: i love smooooch don't h8 | Time: 3h 6m
Pic #11674
(Click to enlarge)

Tiffu @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 1:21 PM
so sorry i couldn't fit all of you in ;A; 18 was as many as I could take whoops

edit: oh yeah! in case you cant tell theres luthor, ky, crate, vi, yoji, page, tif, kamun, melody, jay, lily, ruu, luc, rice, geist, kevin, ilda and carter ayup!

If any of you aren't familiar with smooooch then click here -->
(Uploaded by Tiffu)
Absel123 @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 1:22 PM
This is so cool! <3
Viola @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 1:23 PM
guuuuuuuuuuuuguuuuuuuuuuuuuudslgd;slkd <3
Ebony @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 1:24 PM
Aw look at all those cugtie pies <3 I spy a Luc ;3
ScribbleFroggy @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 1:26 PM
awww they are so cute!
Yojimbo @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 1:32 PM
I casually request this be archived
Spexcern @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 1:56 PM
this looks so awesome, great job! on a side note, are you thinking of making more?
Tiffu @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 1:58 PM
@Spexcern: umm, i might in the future actually! maybe not too soon since i'm still at school and i've got drama productions and exam results and sports days but maybe once school ends i'll probably try another of these. i would try a full smooooch animation but that might be a little hard considering my laziness haha

if i don't do another smooooch i might draw another picture just cause i feel bad for people who weren't in this haha...
Kamun @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 2:26 PM
can we have an archive please?
Arky @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 3:21 PM
Pikanyaa @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 5:58 PM
Of course! :archive:

I always wondered where this animation and song came from. Everyone looks so joyful! Good job!
Haloclimb @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 6:12 PM
This looks amazing!

Aaaah that video is so adorable, I think I'll watch it for a few hours xD
Melly @ Wednesday, June 22nd 2011, 7:12 PM
aww you put Melody in it ;u; Everyone looks so cute and adorable <3 Thankyou for making this :3 /saves
Shadow Kitsune Kirby @ Thursday, June 23rd 2011, 10:09 AM
eeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaa eeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaa

i think pwoooopl is totally a video that needs to be

[11584] Artist: Shadow Kitsune Kirby | Title: No Title | Time: 11h 30m
Pic #11584
(Click to enlarge)

Shadow Kitsune Kirby @ Thursday, June 16th 2011, 11:19 PM
"But please, Mr. White Rabbit, I've only just arrived here and have no clue what's going on at all..."

"That would certainly seem to be the case," Crate sighed, snapping the golden pocketwatch shut with a quiet, metal click, and returning it to his waistcoat pocket. "And I am not just 'Mr. White Rabbit;' my name is Crate, and I'd really hate to be late!!"

"Can you not answer questions on the way??" Regan asked.

"It''s very distracting!!" Crate cried out, obviously becoming very flustered and upset as he continued to skip forward down the path. "What if I were to trip? That would be so unfortunate... Oh and then I'd be even more late...!" The mere thought made him burst into tears.

"Oh goshh look at whwhat you've done nnnow!!" the rabbit sobbed, slowing to an awkward jog, his ears drooping. "This isn't helping at all!!!!"


crate you're such a crybaby

i was thinking of like...doing more with the background so it wasn't so...disjointed or whatever but i think i've spent long enough on this jesus tit nuggets i'm sorry it took so LONG i am terrible

of course if i've gotten something wrong with regan's design i'd be happy to fix it though *w*`

you know the nice thing about uploading is that i can just put the correct time in!! /rolls on the floor

(Uploaded by Shadow Kitsune Kirby)
Arky @ Thursday, June 16th 2011, 11:27 PM
oh my god this is so beautiful
Fire Lugia @ Friday, June 17th 2011, 2:26 AM
my word *n* gorgeous..
Fudge @ Friday, June 17th 2011, 4:29 AM
holy shiny how do you DO THAAaattthe9w88srr3rqw

also I think the wacky disjointed background is perfect for a place like wonderland yeah

yes I think an archive would be in order 8|

(Edited on June 17, 2011, 9:08 am)
Sammich @ Friday, June 17th 2011, 5:39 AM
11. hours.
how is everything you do so amazing, how do you have such patience just HOW /sob

this is so gorgeous can we get an archive over here please???
Yojimbo @ Friday, June 17th 2011, 7:19 AM
That background is AWESOME and bunny!cr8 is adorabs
I second that Archive~
cherrytea @ Friday, June 17th 2011, 9:29 AM
i agree on the archive!

this is absolutely beautiful, skk ;w; !!!
the shading makes it look almost 3d if that makes any sense~~ and the trippy background is neat, i think it looks great the way it is!
crate is a precious baby uwuwuw
mei @ Friday, June 17th 2011, 9:32 AM
*o* i don't even know what to say so i'm gonna archive this
Faye @ Friday, June 17th 2011, 12:19 PM
zjajsjkasjkakjdajksdjkjkfjksdfjkdsk SKK THIS IS SO GREAT THE COLOURS AND EVERYTHING hthehs ahding shahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Pikanyaa @ Friday, June 17th 2011, 6:43 PM
Holy geez-
SKK why are you so amazing at shading and lines and everything?! ;w;

"My name is Crate, and I'd really hate to be late!!"
fsdjgh that is the best

[11498] Artist: mei | Title: No Title | Time: 53m 13s
Pic #11498
(Click to enlarge)

mei @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 4:32 PM
Pikanyaa @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 4:36 PM
Oh my god
How do you make painted scenery so beautifully every time?
cherrytea @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 4:38 PM
so pretty!! it's got such a ~painterly feel~ to it
geebrowtar @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 4:41 PM
oh my goshhhhh
Ayla @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 4:46 PM
this is just.... -speechless-
Mosaic. @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 4:46 PM
jesus christ this is gorgeous
Sammich @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 5:04 PM

can a mod archive this please i cant stop looking
Cinna @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 5:08 PM
i cant;' breathe
Rice @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 5:11 PM
mel archive this
gold @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 5:30 PM
oh my god
Scipio @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 5:51 PM
oh wow this is beautiful. ovo
Pikanyaa @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 6:07 PM
Honestly I'd archive half of Mel's pics if I could but that would be a bit silly.
If I get one more vote though that'll work.
mei @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 6:07 PM
gold @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 6:12 PM
yes archive it
Pikanyaa @ Monday, June 13th 2011, 6:13 PM
Majority rules!
I better not see you unarchive it, missy.
Melly @ Thursday, June 23rd 2011, 3:53 PM
This obviously deserves it <3 That water I cant even begin to imagine how you pulled off something so wonderful.

[10155] Artist: Drew | Title: -Xanadu- | Time: 2h
Pic #10155
(Click to enlarge)

Drew @ Saturday, May 14th 2011, 1:39 PM of my favorite clips ever)

This took forever ><, photoshop lags to death on my computer. It took me like 30 mins to screenie because I super picky about my screen grabs.

To: SKK, venom, locke, kraai, cherrytea, vevemon, kir, nano, ebony, e18, anikari, melly, rice, kamun, tick, and cinna
-lol sorry I used your characters without asking *v*'

(Uploaded by Drew)
Ebony @ Saturday, May 14th 2011, 1:43 PM
The bulbasaur's face made me laugh so hard fdjhgfkhgf
Anikari @ Saturday, May 14th 2011, 1:54 PM
Okay, this is kind of the /best thing ever/. XD I had to recover from my fit of undying laughter before I could even type to comment on this.

I really like the dancing Jay, Ani, and Melly! Ani's hair looks extremely awesome. And her expression is great!

Very clever!
Pandah @ Saturday, May 14th 2011, 3:41 PM
HOLY HFDKSLFHSDHKL you will not belieeeeve how much I laffed this is amazing
Tick @ Saturday, May 14th 2011, 4:47 PM
ohh my god akjhsdfha dsfs i am smiling so hard
Kirote.EXE @ Saturday, May 14th 2011, 4:59 PM
You will always have my permission to draw Kir. ALWAYS.
cherrytea @ Saturday, May 14th 2011, 6:44 PM
this is so magical
Shadow Kitsune Kirby @ Saturday, May 14th 2011, 7:33 PM
oh my god lkshdfl
yeah i think magical is the best word for this
Melly @ Saturday, May 14th 2011, 11:11 PM
Don't worry about it this /is/ magical hehe
so legit.

[10007] Artist: dragons roar | Title: No Title | Time: unknown
Pic #10007

dragons roar @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 8:53 PM
Alright, so we got post 10,000. AHEM. Of course I'll use this as an excuse to write a long sappy speech.
And on my actual account, not Professor Oak. Because that's how it started.

The first picture ever brought into PWOPL was in fact, this one, the ref I drew of Lily. It's dated 9/28/2010.

Newer members might not know, but way back before the PWOPL board we all hung out at the scribble board. Things were usually pretty normal there, like any other Oekaki. Every so often I'd try to start some event or something. I tried to start something similar to the league early on, like a battle tournament but with original characters. It didn't really work out. I started some trends which died quickly, a few secret santas along the way. I did Post-World Obliteration for a while, which was a comic involving PWO people, until I got distracted with a comic I actually had to draw for school then lost all inspiration.

Then, one day when sitting browsing the internet I got an idea- what if we all had our own trainers and went on adventures in the Pokemon world? Within minutes I was writing a post for it and posted it on the board.
Bad reception.
Most people were halfhearted about it because of the magnitude of the project (what it seemed to me at least) after about an hour I felt that it'd fall back in the pages and be forgotten, but then wonderful Sammich made the second character to be introduced to PWOPL and it got everyone's spirits up. Followed shortly after was Shadow Kitsune Kirby's and Fire Lugia's character (then in my folder there are a ton of unrecognizable characters after that.)

The league got up and it was successful. We were flooding the Scribble board every single day.
But of course, some people didn't like the flood so... we turned to Pinkie, the owner of PWO. She made us this board, PWOPL.

And over 10,000 post ago was the first post.
How much has happened in 10,000 posts?
I don't know, you tell me. I know I've gone on more adventures that I have ever before in my life. I've met more fantastic, wonderful, beautiful, artistic and just plain fabulous people that i ever have before. I've had the honor of creating the game you guys are playing, and every day is enjoyable for me to continue doing that.
This may be one of the best things that's ever happened to me. And .. !@#$ im crying someone stop me.

New members, I'm more than delighted to have you here. I hope you'll retain interest in PWOPL and I hope that you will stay for a long time. Maybe youll be here for our 100,000th post? There are many more ahead, and just because we've reached a milestone doesn't mean we're stopping now.

So guys, thank you. Thank you so much. I have never had such a huge amount of friends and people I just love so dearly. Now come together in a big PWOPL group hug while I sit here sobbing like a wimp.

(Uploaded by dragons roar)
Sammich @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 8:56 PM

archive this pls
Rio @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 8:56 PM
This is a lovely message and fl;ajsf ;w; i already love it here, even if I have no idea what i'm doing.
Pai-tan @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 8:57 PM
Whoop whoooooo :'D I have nothing to say other than this is indeed a success and one of your finer accomplishments. Sorry to have ditched, but I've been watching lately.
Pikanyaa @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 8:57 PM
This is a great night in PWOPL's history.

Cheers to another 10,000 posts!
Fire Lugia @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 8:57 PM
i actually
feel really honored to have my name here
Fudge @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 8:58 PM
>bad reception
dragons roar @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 9:02 PM
no one wanted to participate lol
Shadow Kitsune Kirby @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 9:03 PM
i'll just make stupid noises like i usually do
Anikari @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 9:09 PM
Great speech! <3
This place has definitely developed into a wonderful community of artists.
cherrytea @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 9:18 PM
skdjfsdkljfj SOB
ilu dragon
nano @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 9:30 PM
dragon for starting this you're so amazing ggfdguh c'mere come give me a big hug
Haloclimb @ Monday, May 9th 2011, 11:52 PM
brb felling all happy and fuzzy inside
Melly @ Tuesday, May 10th 2011, 12:37 AM
Oh my goodness dragon your post just makes me want to bust into tears. You guys mean so much to me and I always wished I joined in the very beginning or didn't miss such a long period of time in pwo..before the league. I always feel like I'm missing the joke but since my time joining, I feel like Im definitely becoming a part of this quirky family. I've made so many memories even though most of them were on an itouch because I have the worst computer in the world but I still wanted to be a part of this and I think i've managed to do so. I remember turning my ipod after waking up for school and the first thing I went to check was pwopl and usually there was this amazing post which made me smile or cry or bust out laughing. Either morning or night and I always thought: what a great way to start/ end a day~ I love you guys and I love you dragon. Thank you so much for creating pwopl and by doing that, you've helped me create amazing memories.

[9521] Artist: Fudge | Title: everyone in the plot so far | Time: unknown
Pic #9521
(Click to enlarge)

Fudge @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 4:28 PM
What kind of Pokemon are you?
How do you do the things you do?
Share with me your secrets deep inside
What kind of Pokemon are you?
Are you loyal through and through?
Do you have a heart that's true?
What kind of Pokemon are you?

(Uploaded by Fudge)
Undao @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 4:32 PM
HOLY SMOKES this is so cool!
@.@ The shading and the colors and everyone!
Ebony @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 4:32 PM
Oh my gosh Fudge this looks amazing <333
Pandah @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 4:34 PM
this. its the most amazing thing. EVER.
Bucket @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 4:35 PM
Dude, this is awesome! They all look so cute and the lighting in this is amazing okay okay <33
cherrytea @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 4:36 PM
amazingggg this is really beautiful
i liked looking for all the different characters aww

archive time???
Refrigerator @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 4:37 PM
this is... really awesome gosh
i love the purple and green together!! and wow this must have taken forever to draw everyone kdajfhg
Professor Oak @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 4:38 PM
archive this :0
Cinna @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 4:39 PM
eek this is still sO GREAT eeeeee
Arky @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 4:47 PM
Aaaaa this is so beautiful!! *u*
Rice @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 4:48 PM
Shadow Kitsune Kirby @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 5:59 PM
jeebus this is just awesome bro sdffhghghsdlf
Sora @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 6:21 PM
oh wow
this is so cool
oh god
nano @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 6:53 PM
have my kids
Kirote.EXE @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 7:36 PM
Oh my gosh. So beautiful, and you put Kirote next to Luc AND remembered his ponytail! <3
Pikanyaa @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 8:54 PM
Oh my god Fudge dhsajfdahgsh

This is such a great everyone-being-together group pic. AND you got everyone's details exactly right! It must've taken you forever to finish!

And Elmur & Melfloon look absolutely adorable together. <3
Biju @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 9:40 PM
oh my goodness this is the bees knees!! <33333
ricochetDX @ Monday, April 18th 2011, 11:31 PM
*armflails* There I am, right at the bottom! (in the middle)
And you got the hairstyle! And the characteristic horns of my partner... Fear the curly-tailed duo!

But seriously, everybody pictured here looks so awesome. TOTALLY needs to be archived. :D
Haloclimb @ Tuesday, April 19th 2011, 2:36 AM
Fudge can I just
touch this a little bit maybe? /touch picture

This is so amazing, everything and everyone is so detailed! This is so deserving of the archive, holy hell it's so beautiful <3333
Absel123 @ Wednesday, April 20th 2011, 6:45 AM
wow,wow,WOW! That fire! That shading! *touch*
Melly @ Saturday, April 23rd 2011, 11:11 AM
Wow that lighting. this is really cool, extremely cool fudge *.*
Everyone looks so happy together and all the details oh wow

[8515] Artist: Anikari | Title: No Title | Time: unknown
Pic #8515
(Click to enlarge)

Anikari @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:51 PM
We stepped out into a white light -
dulcet and beautiful;
it seemed to pulsate with its own life.
Dark clouds had passed over it as we descended,
shielding it from our view.
And yet here it had waited,
and here it greeted us now.

So when we stepped out,
we stepped right into the beginnings of spring.
Lush green buds lined the twigs of those who had lasted the winter,
and delicate pink blossoms stirred in the wind.
The life that cold and darkness had robbed from this landscape
was now returning.

Though the trees bore scars
in the place where time had cut
into them, sloughing the old buds off cleanly -
in the full light of spring,
those buds had returned as blossoms.
Calmly, sturdily, they faced tomorrow-
as they always have since the beginning of time.

And it was thus that we bore our scars,
and followed the light that led the way to tomorrow:

Their light was dulcet and beautiful;
it seemed to pulsate with its own life.
Dark clouds had passed over them as we descended,
shielding them from our view.
And yet here they had waited,
and here they greeted us now.

The fallen buds
had been born again;
and returned to us
as blossoms.


This was my take on the mood around the time they first left the tower. I tried to stay as accurate to groups and characters as I could, so hopefully nothing is too disjointed!
Also, ~Ani cameo appearance!~ ... kinda. People had been asking for her response to the tower so I figured I'd at least sneak her in here...

The sun has set on Lavender Town, but the story continues on.

Also there was supposed to be a final panel showing the four trainers so it would match the poem, but I didn't quite have the time.
Sammich @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:56 PM
gosh wow... this is beautiful fldkjshfsd
Ani never change, you're so poetic and amazing with words ;w;
Ebony @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:56 PM
Oh my god this is so beautiful. Everyone looks so amazing here oh my gosh ;3;
Anikari @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:56 PM
Aww you guys are too sweet. ;v;
Rice @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:56 PM
omg ani
omg everything here omg
you draw faces so nicely and omg ahgjkhkgfd
rice and kamun are adorbs and ilda looks so pretty and EVERYTHING AUHG
Yojimbo @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:56 PM


>everyone comments at 4:56 oekaki time
>hivemind init

(Edited on March 31, 2011, 4:57 pm)
cherrytea @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:57 PM
AWWWWWW so PRETTY gosh i love how you draw cedric

the poem is beautiful~~~ you are a wonderful ani!!!
Melly @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 5:14 PM
This was so beautiful ani..your drawings wow gorgeous and the words to go with it.. Amazing~
Tick @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 5:37 PM
gghh ;w;
Pikanyaa @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 7:47 PM
Did you know I've been saving some of your comments lately in Word? Because the way you use language is just so beautiful and poetic. The imagery captures to feeling of renewal so well and the symbolism is perfect.

"The sun has set on Lavender Town, but the story continues on."
And that.
That just ties it all together.

[8507] Artist: dragons roar | Title: The End | Time: unknown
Pic #8507
(Click to enlarge)

dragons roar @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:50 PM
That day... The sun finally set on Lavender Town.
completely powered by this song

This is the concluding image for the Lavender Town plotline. The trainers are making their way toward the sunset.
It's about time I actually draw something with a ton of effort into it for PWOPL.

im tired
every person that posted/drew a pic in the last 10 pages should be in here, and some of my friends who havent posted in a while.
if you see someone that resembles your character....... chances are it is ok. theyre not just a bunch of random people XD

umm heres a smaller version that looks prettier i guess

i wish i had more to say 8T

(Uploaded by dragons roar)
Arky @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:51 PM
Aaaaaa this is amazing *u*
Sammich @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:51 PM
oh my god... WOW...
Cinna @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:51 PM
how.. d aahhhhh this is such a beautiful background and asfdsghgfhjjj all of the little people
Tick @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:53 PM
omg you are amazing ;_;
Sammich @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:53 PM
casually sets this as desktop
Rice @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:53 PM
someone archive this before my insides explode
Sammich @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:54 PM
Fudge @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:54 PM
whoa goodness this is going to take a while to look at and take in! I really love pictures like that and this is no exception :D
I found kevin and audrey and also a ghost!
Rice @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:55 PM
commenting again
god this is
Rice @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:55 PM
Pandah @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:55 PM
holy WAT. WAAAAAT. fhsdflhsdfhksdf
Ebony @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:56 PM
I think my mind just imploded a little

holy god dragon, this is seriously one of the most amazing things I've ever seen fdshjgsfdd

i spy ghost in there too

I can't stop starting at this oh my god
Drew @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 3:57 PM
So so so amazing.
Anikari @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:01 PM
Wow, this is really nice. ;v; I love the composition the colors, and everything... this has such an epic feel to it. So much space and natural beauty...

Also I apologize again for sending you that gigantic omail aklsdjf. Apparently I was feeling extremely wordy last night.
dragons roar @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:01 PM
its okay ani! im still thinking up a good response hehe
Cinna @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:02 PM
this makes me feel nice
Anikari @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:02 PM
Haha no problem! Just don't feel like you have to type nearly that much in reply xD
Fire Lugia @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:03 PM
I see Alex, Ruu and Geist awawawaawWEFOIWEFW
OFFER IT TO YOU BECAUSe this is so amazing and blows anything i could ever do otu of the fking water
Absel123 @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:04 PM
<3 This is absolutely beautiful!

*Saves in the amazing pics from PWOL file!
cherrytea @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:08 PM
AWWWWW this is so precious everyone is like yayyy we're not dead!!! (at least most of us)

the little carter and cedric made me aww to the extreme
Melly @ Thursday, March 31st 2011, 4:09 PM
This is so beautiful and gorgeous..all the little people and the background. This totally deserves an archive~
ricochetDX @ Friday, April 1st 2011, 2:55 AM
I think I see me on the left. *squints*

[8423] Artist: Pandah | Title: No Title | Time: 2h 40m
Pic #8423
(Click to enlarge)

Pandah @ Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 4:39 PM
I wanted to draw Pandah and Sirus together again hurrr

(Uploaded by Pandah)
Sammich @ Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 4:40 PM
wow wow WOW this is AMAZING...
all of that detail my goodness
everything is done so perfectly and it all flows together naturally. And it gives the effect that they're swallowed up in darkness and that there's a bit of light illuminating the texture on Sirus.
I say it deserves an archive...
Shadow Kitsune Kirby @ Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 4:51 PM
god damn pandah this is
sooo cool and nice and
Yojimbo @ Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 5:04 PM
I agree: the AMAZING hatching there really captures his ferocity <3 I also think it should be archived~
Tick @ Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 5:09 PM
omgg gthis is so kawaiwaiwa and pretty ;www;ww i almost didnt notice pandah shes so teeny (or rather sirus is GIANT)
Ebony @ Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 6:56 PM
Oh my goooddd Pandah this is amazing ;3; I agree with archive!
Pikanyaa @ Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 9:13 PM
It was hard to tell what this was at first, but now I see it. The scratchboard style turned out really well!

[8098] Artist: Pokemon Breeder | Title: No Title | Time: unknown
Pic #8098
(Click to enlarge)

Pokemon Breeder @ Thursday, March 24th 2011, 2:12 PM

Hello everyone! I'm making this an important post, and I kindly request this to be archived for further reference. This is a list of unusual Pokémon evolutions in PWOPL, and I will explain how they evolve on the board compared to in-game.

- Gligar: Razor Fang
- Sneasel: Razor Claw
- Happiny: Oval Stone

These Pokémon will evolve on PWO if you have the held items in your inventory. They will be used like Evolution Stones.



These Pokemon will evolve by having their happiness level reach Maximum (100 points). You will be required to draw them often or give them Berries and Incense to increase their happiness level. Mail me to use Berries and Incense.


Poliwhirl (King's Rock)
Slowpoke (King's Rock)
Clamperl (Deap Sea Tooth or Deap Sea Scale)
Onix (Metal Coat)
Scyther (Metal Coat)
Seadra (Dragon Scale)
Porygon (Up-Grade)
Porygon2 (Dubious Disc)
Rhydon (Protector)
Electabuzz (Electirizer)
Magmar (Magmarizer)
Dusclops (Reaper Cloth)
Feebas (Prism Scale as of 5th Gen)
Shelmet (Trade with Karrablast)
Karrablast (Trade with Shelmet)

Feebas, Karrablast, and Shelmet will evolve only through Friendliness. All of these other Pokemon require the held item shown next to them to evolve. They will be treated like Evolution stones (example: You must have a King's Rock in your inventory and use it on a Poliwhirl to evolve it to Politoed).

Click Here.

This is a list of all Pokémon that evolve through happiness in-game. The requirement on PWO is the same. To increase happiness levels, draw your Pokémon often and put effort into each drawing. You can also use Berries and Incense.
A NORMAL INCENSE adds 10 points. A STRONG INCENSE adds 30 points. Berries add 10 points of happiness each. Talk to Fisherman to go fishing, because that is currently the only way you can get BERRY SEEDS, as far as I'm aware.

Click Here.

These Pokemon evolve based on Happiness. See above.

Click Here.

These Pokemon evolve based on Happiness. See above.



These Pokemon will evolve based on Happiness. See above.

I think that's it. If I missed anything, please tell me!

(Uploaded by Pokemon Breeder)
Yojimbo @ Thursday, March 24th 2011, 2:24 PM
is that munna eating the banana BAD MUNNA THATS NOT..FOR YOU!
Tick @ Thursday, March 24th 2011, 2:31 PM
munna can EAT WHATEVER IT WANTS!!!!!

this was very informative THANK YOU
VenomVamdemon @ Thursday, March 24th 2011, 2:32 PM
Munna War was the most beautiful thing ever.

Quick questions for clarification because I don't want to do this wrong gdsf...
For the "evolve with held items" category, do we just say that we're using the item on the Pokémon, or do we have to level them up as well the way we would in-game? And do we have to pay attention to day/night things? /planning on evolving Sneasel
Kirote.EXE @ Thursday, March 24th 2011, 2:32 PM
Can we get this archived please, for future reference?
korq @ Thursday, March 24th 2011, 2:34 PM
hm...melo as a slowbro or a slowking. decisions decisions!
Pokemon Breeder @ Thursday, March 24th 2011, 2:35 PM
@VenomVamdemon: Yes, it doesn't matter what time of day you use it. You simply evolve the Pokemon as you would with a fire stone/leaf stone/etc. You can state so if you want, but be sure to update your party and make sure the item is used up and no longer in your inventory. :)
Pokemon Breeder @ Thursday, March 24th 2011, 2:53 PM
I've also added this information to my profile in case this post isn't archived.
nano @ Thursday, March 24th 2011, 3:01 PM
what's my name
what's my name

[7622] Artist: Pandah | Title: No Title | Time: 40m
Pic #7622


Pandah @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:12 PM
THIS is who Gramma is! /shot


(Uploaded by Pandah)
Sammich @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:13 PM
Rice @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:14 PM
Shadow Kitsune Kirby @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:14 PM
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ OH MY GODDDDDD
moomoo @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:16 PM
Sammich @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:16 PM
im sorry but
this is so funny and amazing and creative in its own way that i think it should be archived
StevieBlunder @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:18 PM
This is just like that time I took off my top and got killed by Greg Kinnear...
Sammich @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:18 PM
"I think we hit someone!"
"We did. It was a little trainer."
StevieBlunder @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:22 PM
You know, I've always wanted a little Lillipup. But Mother told me they carry disease. Then, she'd cut off all my hair, and glue my head to the ground---PEPPERMINT TIME!!
Sammich @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:22 PM
"Gramakaru, I think we hit a little kid!"
"That was a flock of Duckletts, dear, I'll have to write a letter to Arceus about it right away."
Shadow Kitsune Kirby @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:25 PM
"Here Leland, take this HM01 and Cut him free."
StevieBlunder @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:27 PM
I'm not supposed to be training. I've never even had a PokeDex! And I just keep hitting little trainers! WHAT ARE THE ODDS??
StevieBlunder @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:30 PM
>Where is the Escape Rope?!
Sammich @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:32 PM
"Hey, look, a berry tree!"
"Look at that! I love to shove berries right up my a-*THUNK*"
StevieBlunder @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:36 PM
Life is chock full of pain. I'm certain Officer Jenny will understand when she sees that I'm just a little old Blastoise with an electric bug and a tiny Audino doctor on board.
Sammich @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:44 PM
"Watch out for that Level 1 on crutches!"
Yojimbo @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:45 PM
>Do you children like your Ice Cream?
>I dont usually eat live Pokemon..
>My heavens what a beautiful day!
Melly @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 6:55 PM
Now take off your top and get killed by Greg Kinnear..
Bucket @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 7:05 PM
I looked that up just so I could get these jokes.
Professor Oak @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 7:25 PM
Pikanyaa @ Saturday, March 19th 2011, 8:49 PM
This entire post is too rich sgsdfgfs. *archive*

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