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Comments Hello my lovely trainers! I'm Billy Fisherman's niece, Izzy Fisherman, and I'm here to guide you through the wonders of fishing while my uncle is away on an indefinite vacation!

I don't think I have nearly as much manly integrity as him, but I will be happy to share my love and passion for the sport! Grab your rods and be prepared! I am here to assist all novice baiters with my experience and wisdom. Send me an o-mail ONCE every day that includes your type of rod for a chance to get a COOL ITEM or to catch some lovely POKEMON!

Curious about fishing rods and how to obtain them? No worries! Read this:

How to Obtain the Old Rod (only catches Magikarp)
Nothing! An Old Rod is given upon entry for joining the League! Consider it a gift from me to you. <3

How to Obtain the Good Rod (medium chance of fishing up good items)
A Good Rod can be attained by simply drawing or writing about your trainer in some sort of fishing scenario. Make sure to put some effort into your work and have fun! The creativity is up to you! I will comment on your post telling you that you have received the rod!

How to Obtain the Super Rod (high chance of fishing up good items)
The Super Rod becomes available ever so often during events with the shopkeeper. Keep an eye open!

Have any questions? Send me an o-mail! I'm happy to help~
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Friendly Fishing Reminder!
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