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Comments Do you have pokemon that you don’t particularly like? Pokemon that you just can’t shake, no matter how many times you try to trade? Pokemon that just don’t belong, or get along, with your team?
Don’t worry!! Now you can give your pokemon to the POKEMON ORPHANAGE, where they will be taken care of and cataloged, so that any trainer looking to trade can see them! Simply o-mail the orphanage with the pokemon (including level) you would like to abandon!
Best of all, any pokemon traded under POKEMON ORPHANAGE gets all candies and POKE transferred!!! Any pokemon exchanged for another pokemon will be replaced in the orphanage, and the original pokemon owner will get a reimbursement of UP TO 10 CANDIES, depending on levels.

Finally, no more crowded teams, no more unruly pokemon, and smooth, worry-free trading!!

Looking to adopt? Want to trade in for an equal or lesser value pokemon? Visit the POKEMON ORPHANAGE today!!

The orphanage only accepts POKEMON or RARE CANDY.
There is a level cap of trading; 5 LEVELS ABOVE OR BELOW DESIRED POKEMON.

lv 38 Tentacruel
lv 14 Whiscash
lv 15 Qwilfish
lv 30 Geodude
lv 15 Pineco
lv 5 Shelmet
lv 17 Karrablast
lv 16 Tentacool
lv 20 Forretress
lv 31 Bellsprout
lv 36 Gloom
lv 16 Spearow
lv 1 Poliwag
lv 12 Remoraid
lv 16 Rattata
lv 23 Tangela
lv 49 Fraxure
lv 30 Weedle
lv 18 Zubat
lv 20 Seel
lv 25 Wobbuffet
lv 40 Ponyta
lv 48 Teddiursa
lv 8 Psyduck
lv 8 Taillow
lv 30 Exeggcute
lv 14 Ledyba
lv 38 Drowzee
lv 30 Goldeen
lv 15 Octillery
lv 10 Krabby
lv 20 Barboach
lv 20 Staryu
lv 10 Nincada
lv 20 Wailmer
lv 33 Ursaring
lv 41 Magcargo
lv 31 Bellsprout
lv 23 Tangela
lv 25 Weepinbell
lv 1 Bronzor
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