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Comments Hello, I am Professor Elm, a student of Professor Oak. I aid trainers in their Pokemon-capturing endeavors while performing my own research in the side.

Um, below is an in-depth explanation on the wild encounter Pokemon battle process and how success rates are determined.

Each encounter starts at a 50% success rate. For example, a level 5 Ratatta vs. a level 5 Pidgey would have a 50% chance of winning.

Then we factor in differences in levels. For each level your Pokemon is above the opponent, 10% is added to your chance of success. Conversely, 10% is subtracted from your chance of success for each level below the opponent you are.

In this case, a level 7 Ratatta facing a level 5 Pidgey would have a 70% chance of winning.

Finally, we factor in type advantages and disadvantages. If your Pokemon's type is "super effective" against the opponent's, we add 25% to your success rate. If your Pokemon's type is "not very effective" against your opponent's, we subtract 25% from your chance of success. We do the same process for the opponent.

For example...

A level 5 Pikachu faces a level 5 Pidgey. The levels are equal, so the base success rate is 50% for Pikachu.

Pikachu, an electric type, is super effective against Pidgey, a flying type, so 25% is added to Pikachu's success rate, bringing it to 75%.

On the opposite end, Pidgey's flying-type moves are not very effective against Pikachu, en electric type, so 25% is subtracted from Pidgey's success rate, bringing Pikachu's success rate to 100%.

Now, we have a level 4 Pikachu facing off against a level 5 Marill. Because Pikachu's level is one lower than Marill's, we subtract 10%, bringing its success rate down to 40%.

Now, Pikachu's electric type is super effective against Marill's water type, so Pikachu gains 25% to its success rate, bringing it to 65%. So Marill is weak against the electric type Pikachu; HOWEVER, because water type attacks aren't "not very effective" against electric types, we do NOT subtract 25% from Marill's success rate.

So Pikachu's final chance of winning is 65%.

On a final note, Mega Pokemon get an extra 20% added to their success rates.

- - - - - -
Personal Information:

Snorlax (Eyelax)
Lvl: 30
Sleep Talk
Mega Punch
Skull Bash
Info: A kind Pokemon with a heart of gold. Loves to eat and needs to constantly.

Lvl: 20
Hyper Voice
Info: Found me after we switched bodies in a strange facility in Celadon City. Eyelax acts almost like a mother towards it.

10600 poke

-Flawless Victory- 80G
Go through the Radio Tower event and emerge unscathed, alone or with another.
-I'm a Pikachu!- 20G
Get turned into a Pokemon!
-Rescue Aid Society Inductee- 30G
Perform or participate in a rescue, alone or with others.

My avatar is drawn by Ken Sugimori.
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