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Comments Welcome to the Pokemart!
How may I serve you?

If you would like to make a purchase, please send me an o-mail describing how many of each item you want!

>Pokeball - 200P
>Great Ball - 600P
>Ultra Ball - 1,200P
>Potion - 300P
........Revives a pokemon after fainting (in battle)
>Revive - 1,500P
........Revived a fainted pokemon (out of battle)
>Rare Candy - 2,000P
........Adds 1 level.
>Everstone - 7,000P
........Prevents Pokemon evolution.
>Berry seed - 500P
........Used to grow berries- redeemable with Berry Master.
>Honey - 500P
........Used to attract Pokémon that enjoy Honey- redeemable with Professor Elm

15 red feathers = lvl 10 red/pink Pokemon of choice (1st stages only)
15 green feathers = lvl 10 yellow/green Pokemon of choice (1st stages only)
15 blue feathers = lvl 10 blue/purple Pokemon of choice (1st stages only)
15 white feathers = lvl 10 white/gray Pokemon of choice (1st stages only)
15 black feathers = lvl 10 black/brown Pokemon of choice (1st stages only)
20 black and 20 white feathers = lvl 10 restricted Pokemon of choice (excludes legendaries)
5 of each feather color = 1 special egg (you choose the region or Pokemon type)
3 of any color = 1 rare candy
10 of any color = evolutionary item (including ever stones) or breeding incense of choice

1 token = Rare Candy, Honey, 2000Pk
2 tokens = Pokepuff (+10 happiness to a Pokemon)
3 tokens = fancy Pokepuff (+30 happiness to a Pokemon), 50% discount coupon on 1 item
5 tokens = one egg
10 tokens = incubator
50 tokens = Shiny Potion

2 Colorful Leafs = 1 Event Token

While you can no longer purchase items from the following stores, their inventories are still here for reference!

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